How to Protect Your Laptop from Ants: Quick Tips

Having trouble with ants infesting your laptop and causing damage? Worry not – the below tips will help you quickly and safely get rid of the ants and protect your machine.


Ants crawling into laptops and making nests inside can cause damage to the internal hardware. It is important to deal with this problem quickly. Here are some tips to naturally keep ants away from your laptop without harming them.

1. Quick tips to deal with ants in the laptop

Prepare the tools:

  • Container or objects that can hold water
  • Object with two flat and sturdy sides, heavy, can be placed in water and higher than the water surface of the tray
  • Water (can be replaced with a spoon or fork)

Prepare the tools

How to do:

Step 1: Place the heavy object in the tray and adjust them so that they can support the laptop securely.

Step 2: Pour enough water into the tray.

Step 3: Place and adjust the laptop to lie flat and securely on the heavy object. Do not let the laptop touch the water to avoid damage.

Step 4: Place the inclined ruler with one end resting on the laptop and the other end touching the surface of the tray or the desk. Keep this arrangement overnight, ants will climb along the ruler to escape.

How to deal with ants on the laptop

2. Ways to prevent ants from crawling into the laptop

Avoid placing the laptop in places with ants:

  • Place the laptop in dry, airy, high, flat, and clean places.
  • Avoid places with ants or ant trails. Also, limit eating sweets and crumbs on the laptop to reduce attracting ants.

Avoid placing the laptop in places with ants

Use available ingredients:

  • Orange peel and lemon peel contain acid that repels ants. You can place these peels near the laptop area to keep ants away.
  • Placing a pot of mint or lavender on the desk serves to repel ants and insects, as well as add beauty to your space.

Use available ingredients

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