Meaningful and classy ways to choose Tet gift boxes for bosses in the Year of the Tiger 2024

Choosing a gift for your boss on the occasion of Tet is a meaningful gesture that shows respect and gratitude towards your boss. In this article, let's explore how to choose Tet gifts for your boss.


Every year when Tet comes, giving gifts to colleagues, relatives or bosses is something that you should do to show traditional beauty. Let’s find out how to choose the most meaningful Tet gift box for your boss in this article.

1 How to choose Tet gifts for bosses

Choose Tet gift box models

Choose Tet gift box models

A beautiful Tet gift box must show elegance, especially in design from the first glance. In addition, the gift box must also convey the message you want to send to your boss.

When choosing a Tet gift box model, you should focus on the preferences and style of your boss to choose the appropriate gift box. The gift for the boss during Tet is not just a simple gift, it is also a way to show gratitude and New Year wishes that you have for your boss.

Select the accompanying products

After having a suitable gift box model, you start choosing what gifts to put inside the Tet gift box. The products you choose inside the Tet gift box will directly affect the quality of the gift, as through those products, you will convey meaningful messages to your boss.

Select the accompanying products

You should choose products of good quality, luxurious appearance such as premium fruits, high-end tea or health-enhancing products like , ginseng, abalone,… To buy quality products, you should choose reputable establishments.

Choose to include wine

Choose to include wine

During Tet, giving wine as a gift has become more popular, types of wine used as gifts can be mentioned such as red wine, liquor,… From the perspective of Vietnamese people, the red color of wine symbolizes fortune and success in life. Giving wine as a gift to your boss on Tet is like a wish for prosperity and meaningful.

2 Notes to know when choosing Tet gift boxes for bosses

Notes to know when choosing Tet gift boxes for bosses

Currently, there are various different gift products on the market for you to choose from, however, choosing meaningful gifts for your boss is not simple. You need to choose a gift that is unique, meaningful, and focus on the person and personality of your boss. You should refer to the following notes to choose quality Tet gifts for your boss:

  • When choosing a gift for your boss, you should not choose gift boxes with monochromatic colors like white or black. Instead, you should choose gift boxes with bright, harmonious, and eye-catching colors like red, yellow, silver,…
  • If you are not sure about your boss’s preferences, you should not choose personal items such as cosmetics, clothes,…. These gifts, if not suitable for your boss, can put you in a difficult situation.
  • In addition, you should observe the attitude and role of your boss in the company. If your boss does not want to accept gifts, you should only give them small but meaningful gifts such as flowers or chocolates,… to avoid being rejected.
  • To ensure the quality of the products when giving Tet gifts to your boss, you should buy them from reputable and highly rated establishments.

Choosing Tet gifts for your boss is a meaningful thing that can help improve and enhance your relationship with your boss. Giving Tet gifts to your boss also shows gratitude and respect for your boss. I hope through this article you will be able to know how to choose a suitable and meaningful gift for your boss.

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