Over 20 Creative Bulletin Board Decorations for the Last Days of School

Is your classroom in need of a bit of festive decor? Then check out these 20+ awesome examples of decorated chalkboards to inspire your end-of-year summary! Add a touch of decoration to your chalkboard and make its impact even greater.


Enhance the closing session and create lasting memories with beautifully decorated chalkboards. Explore this article for over 20 stunning decoration templates for end-of-school-year chalkboards!

1Simple chalkboard decoration

Simple chalkboard decorationSimple chalkboard decoration

Conclusion and gratitude chalkboard decorationConclusion and gratitude chalkboard decoration

Green day memoryGreen day memory

Class summaryClass summary

End-of-school-year chalkboard decorationEnd-of-school-year chalkboard decoration

2Beautiful chalkboard decoration

Chalkboard decoration with a village sceneChalkboard decoration with a village scene

Chalkboard decoration with poetry and flowersChalkboard decoration with poetry and flowers

End-of-school-year boardEnd-of-school-year board

Beautiful chalkboardBeautiful chalkboard

End-of-school-year chalkboardEnd-of-school-year chalkboard

Decoration with flamboyant flowersDecoration with flamboyant flowers

Hand-drawn flamboyant flowers and poetryHand-drawn flamboyant flowers and poetry

Chalkboard decoration with balloonsChalkboard decoration with balloons

End-of-school-year chalkboard decorationEnd-of-school-year chalkboard decoration

Beautiful chalkboard, multiple colorsBeautiful chalkboard, multiple colors

End-of-year chalkboardEnd-of-year chalkboard

Memory board decorationMemory board decoration

Farewell to summer-themed board decorationFarewell to summer-themed board decoration

Calligraphy board decorationCalligraphy board decoration

Class summary board decorationClass summary board decoration

Discover these 20+ beautiful decoration templates for end-of-school-year chalkboards that we have gathered for you. We hope that this article has provided you with plenty of fantastic suggestions.