What is INTP? Characteristics of a Logical Thinker

INTP individuals are known for being intelligent and quiet. Join us as we delve into the world of this personality type in this article.


The INTP personality type is a very unique, brilliant, and peculiar personality type. So what makes this personality type special and suitable for which professions? Let’s explore right away.

1 What is INTP?

What is INTP?What is INTP?

INTP is one of the 16 personality types in the personality test. People in this personality type are usually introverted and have excellent analytical thinking. The INTP personality type has the following characteristics:

  • Introverted: People with the INTP personality type tend to focus on their inner selves and enjoy spending time alone.
  • Intuitive: INTPs like to explore hidden things, they have the ability to think abstractly and examine various perspectives of an issue.
  • Thinking: People in the INTP personality type tend to use reason to think rather than relying on emotions, and when making decisions, they will rely more on logic.
  • Perceiving: INTPs are often flexible and open-minded to new things.

People with the INTP personality type appear calm and have a mind full of ideas. They tend to live reclusively, work independently, and be creative in their work and life.

2 Advantages of the INTP personality type

Advantages of the INTP personality typeAdvantages of the INTP personality type

  • Rich in imagination and creativity, bringing many new things to life and learning. With their work, they are always interested and give their best.
  • They always cherish the people around them and care about everyone.
  • They feel comfortable in many aspects of life and easily go along with others’ opinions.
  • They are not afraid of criticism and conflicts.
  • They have the ability to think logically and reason sharply.
  • People in the INTP personality type are curious and like to study the issues they are interested in. They like to explore and study complex issues.
  • They analyze situations and solve problems very well.
  • INTP individuals are independent and self-reliant.
  • They have the ability to observe and analyze details very well and in depth. Along with that, they can also identify the hidden rules in the information they encounter.
  • They excel in many fields and know how to connect knowledge from various fields.

3 Disadvantages of INTP

Disadvantages of INTPDisadvantages of INTP

  • They are not good at expressing natural emotions and have difficulty empathizing with others.
  • They are not skilled in practical tasks such as managing finances.
  • They are often skeptical and distrustful of others.
  • They will have difficulty leaving toxic relationships.
  • They are quite introverted, so they have difficulty in social communication.
  • They take a lot of time to make decisions because they have to think deeply and consider many aspects.
  • They focus more on thinking and abstract knowledge. Therefore, sometimes they overlook practical details and need assistance.
  • They often have difficulty organizing and managing their time, which can lead to scattered work.
  • INTPs struggle to adapt to new changes in life and work.

4 What professions are suitable for the INTP personality type?

What professions are suitable for the INTP personality type?What professions are suitable for the INTP personality type?

People with the INTP personality type work independently quite well and are suitable for a flexible environment. Below are some professions that are suitable for the INTP personality type:

  • Software developer, web designer.
  • Scientist, physicist, etc.
  • Psychologist.
  • Geologist.
  • Musician.
  • Photographer.
  • Editor.
  • Market researcher.
  • Judge.
  • Engineer.
  • Data structure analyst.
  • Financial expert, etc.

5 Famous people with the INTP personality type

Famous people with the INTP personality typeFamous people with the INTP personality type

Many famous people belong to the INTP personality type, they usually have a quite mysterious personality and their thinking is very unique. Below are some famous people with the INTP personality type:

  • Carl Jung.
  • Albert Einstein.
  • Abraham Lincoln.
  • Charles Darwin.
  • Meryl Streep.
  • Bill Murray.
  • Woody Allen.
  • Aubrey Plaza.
  • Rowan Atkinson.
  • Bill Gates.
  • PewDiePie.
  • Jesse Eisenberg.

This article is our sharing about the INTP personality type. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more useful information about this topic and have a better understanding of this personality type!

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