11 Excellent Strategies to Boost the Speed of Your Windows Laptop

Are you struggling with a slow laptop running Windows? Look no further! Dienmay GREEN has the ultimate guide for you with 11 tips to help you speed up your laptop like the wind.


“Giving Your Device a Performance Boost with the Tune-Up Cleanup Utility”

Among all the top third-party system cleaner and booster utilities available for Windows 10, the performance of Iolo System Mechanic stands out phenomenally.

Ứng dụng Iolo System Mechanic

In addition to using this utility, it is important for users to ensure they download other cleaning utilities from a reputable source. This precaution safeguards against inadvertently downloading malicious software that can harm their devices.

Removing Unnecessary Programs to Enhance Your Computer Performance

While there have been improvements compared to previous models, it is important to note that certain pre-installed software by laptop manufacturers may still have a negative impact on your device’s performance.

To remove any unnecessary applications, right-click on an application tile in the Start bar and choose uninstall or type the program you want to remove in the Cortana search box located next to it.

Tìm kiếm ứng dụng tên Windows 10

In addition, users have the option to identify any irrelevant applications by rearranging the installed applications list according to the name of their computer manufacturer.

Another method for conducting a search is by arranging the results according to the most recently installed applications. This approach allows you to discover any programs that you may not have been aware were downloaded. Furthermore, by considering the size of each application file, you can identify and remove any unnecessary software in order to optimize memory usage.

Once you have identified unwanted apps, simply select them and click the “Uninstall” option to remove them from your device.

Windows 10 offers users two types of applications: desktop apps and Windows Store apps. If you wish to remove any unnecessary apps from the Windows Store, simply navigate to the store and utilize the search function to locate and uninstall the desired apps.

To uninstall desktop apps, please access the Control Panel and search for similar apps.

Increase the Boot Speed: 3 Ways to Make It Happen

Windows 10 (and Windows 8.x before it) offers users a more convenient method to manage startup applications through an updated Task Manager.

Mở Task Manager

To access the Task Manager, simply press the keyboard combination Ctrl-Shift-Esc. Navigate to the Start tab to view a comprehensive list of all programs that are set to launch upon Windows startup.

The “Status” column displayed in this tab indicates whether the program is set to run at startup. To modify the status, simply right-click on any item.

4 Recommended Windows PC Disk Cleanup Programs

From the Start menu, search for Disk Cleanup. This will launch the reliable Disk Cleanup utility that has been a staple of Windows for multiple generations of Windows operating systems.

Disk Cleanup is a valuable tool that efficiently identifies and removes superfluous items such as temporary files, offline websites, and installation files from your personal computer. Its user-friendly interface conveniently presents the option to delete these obsolete elements in one simple step.

Dọn dẹp ổ đĩa

Optimizing the available storage space in your computer’s drive can significantly enhance its performance. When the storage capacity reaches maximum capacity, it is prone to slow down. Ensure to manage your drive space effectively to maintain optimal speed and functionality.

The Storage Sense option provides a further advancement in memory preservation. Enabled, it automates the removal of temporary files and trash items, effectively optimizing space usage.

Using an SSD to Upgrade Your Computer

The Windows booting process has become significantly faster with the implementation of the SSD technology. Additionally, the performance of applications like Adobe Photoshop has been greatly enhanced as well. Users can conveniently transfer Windows Store apps from the hard drive to the settings section within the “Apps and Features” page.

Sử dụng thẻ SSD

For improved system performance, we suggest upgrading your internal boot hard drive. If you own a laptop, this could be an alternative option as well. Additionally, incorporating an external SSD with a USB 3.0 connection can enhance storage-intensive applications and provide a timely speed boost.

Identify and Guard Against Viruses and Spyware

To ensure the security of your system, there are two options available: utilizing the built-in Windows Defender or opting for a reputable third-party application. For effective malware cleaning, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware stands as the preferred choice.

Phần mềm diệt virus

High-Performance Battery Settings to Enhance Your Device’s Performance

Using this option may not be recommended for energy conservation purposes, but it can significantly enhance the performance of your computer. To access it, navigate to the “Control Panel”, followed by “System and Security”, and finally “Power Options”.

Cài đặt hiệu suất pin cao

To view additional plans, please click on the drop-down arrow located on the right-hand side and select the “High Performance” option.

How to Use the Troubleshooter to Resolve Technical Problems

To rectify the issue, kindly navigate to the Control Panel and proceed to investigate the problem. Execute the applicable troubleshooting options located within the “System and Security” section, as this will effectively identify the underlying cause of the sluggishness you are experiencing.

Trình khắc phục sự cố

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to run through additional troubleshooters such as Search and Indexing, Hardware and Devices, and Windows Store apps. Additionally, navigate to Panel’s System and Security, select the Security and Maintenance page, click Maintenance, and initiate Start Maintenance for regular maintenance.

Regular auto maintenance is typically scheduled, but if you are currently encountering slow machine issues, it is advisable to consider performing maintenance.

How to Customize Display Quality on Budget Monitors

To access display quality settings, simply enter appearance adjustments in the Cortana search bar.

Chất lượng hiển thị

Please select the desired performance mode or use the auto-align option:

Optimise Google Performance By Turning Off Search Indexing

Low-powered PCs can experience resource strain due to search indexing.

Tắt lập chỉ mục tìm kiếm

To disable indexing, access the “Indexing Options Control Panel” window. You can also simply search for “Index” in the Start bar, where you will find “Indexing Options” as the top result. Click on “Modify” and uncheck the location or file type that you do not want to be indexed.

Please click on “Modify” to customize your index settings. You can uncheck any locations or file types that you do not want indexed.

If you are experiencing a slowdown on your computer due to the search indexing process, there is an option to pause it temporarily. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on “This Computer” on your PC.
2. Select “Manager” from the context menu.
3. Double-click on “Services and Applications”.
4. Click on “Services”.
5. Locate the search indexing service and select it.
6. Choose the option to pause or stop the service temporarily.

By pausing or stopping the search indexing service, you can improve the performance of your computer.

Upgrading RAM to 11 Improves Laptop Performance

Windows 10 effectively optimizes memory usage compared to earlier operating system versions. However, for laptops with limited RAM, performance can still be notably impacted. As a result, upgrading the RAM can be a highly beneficial solution for significantly enhancing the laptop’s operational speed.

Nâng cấp RAM máy tính

In addition, it is recommended to explore the official websites of reputable RAM manufacturers such as Crucial, Kingston, and Corsair. These manufacturers offer convenient product finder tools that accurately identify the specific type of RAM compatible with your computer.

Above is an article that offers 11 valuable tips to optimize the performance of your Windows laptop. Implementing these tips will help your laptop operate at top speed. We hope that this article provides you with useful information to enhance your PC usage!