7 Steps to Prolong the Life of Your Electric Rice Cooker

Are you looking to extend the life of your electric rice cooker? Check out our 7 essential tips to ensure that your appliance remains in top working condition and lasts for years.


Principles for Cooking Rice in an Electric Rice Cooker

Follow these principles to ensure the best results when cooking rice in an electric rice cooker:

Principle 1: Rinse the rice before cooking

Before cooking rice, it is important to rinse it carefully. This helps to clean the rice and remove any talc powder layer used as a preservative. Rinse the rice multiple times in a separate pot using your hands, taking care not to scratch the non-stick coating of the rice cooker.

Rinsing rice to remove preservatives

Principle 2: Rice-to-water ratio

Ensure you add the correct amount of water to the cooker based on the type of rice and the instructions in the user manual. The general guideline is to add 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of water, and an additional ¼ cup of water. However, this may vary depending on the type of rice and cooker you have.

Principle 3: Do not open the lid during the cooking process

Avoid opening the lid during the cooking process to maintain a stable cooking temperature and ensure delicious, evenly cooked rice.

Do not open the lid while cooking

Principle 4: Keep in warm mode after rice is cooked

After the rice is cooked, allow it to sit in the warm mode of the rice cooker for 5 to 10 minutes. This helps balance the moisture and create fluffy rice. Avoid opening the lid during this time.

Keep in warm mode after rice is cooked

Principle 5: Do not unplug immediately after cooking

After the cooking process is complete, allow the rice cooker to switch to the warm mode and keep the rice warm for about 12 minutes before unplugging. This resting time enhances the taste of the rice. Avoid keeping the rice in the warm mode for more than 12 hours to prevent it from becoming dry or broken.

Do not unplug immediately after cooking

Principle 6: Do not put metal utensils into the pot

Avoid using metal utensils in the non-stick inner pot of the rice cooker to prevent scratching. It is recommended to use plastic utensils for scooping and serving the rice.

Use plastic utensils to avoid scratching the pot

Principle 7: Clean the pot

Regularly clean the inner pot of the rice cooker after each use. If you cannot wash it immediately, pour water into the pot to prevent the rice from becoming dry and hard. Clean any remaining stuck rice and ensure the pot is completely dry before storage.

Clean the pot after each use

Follow these principles to prepare delicious, fluffy rice using your electric rice cooker.


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Tips for Proper Care of an Electric Rice Cooker

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