Alert for iOS Users: Link Interaction May Prompt iPhone Reboot

Are you having trouble with your iPhone restarting when accessing certain links? It could be due to a vulnerability in the Safari browser. We'll help you understand the situation and provide you with some useful tips to protect your device from such incidents in the future.



It has been discovered that accessing a particular link on iOS devices will cause the device to reboot. This bug is harmless and does not cause any damage to the device. However, you can use this link to play a prank on your friends by sending it to them.


This bug was discovered by Matthew Bryant, a 22-year-old man living in San Francisco, USA. He created a JavaScript to overload the Safari browser and trigger the device restart. This prank can also affect Chrome on computers, but it can be easily disabled on computers.


Even though this prank affects Safari and Chrome, it is harmless and can be turned off easily on computers.

Here is the link that causes the reboot: CrashSafari

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