Exploring the Unexpected Advantages of Freezing Jeans

Did you know that your refrigerator can do more than just store and freeze food? Believe it or not, you can use your refrigerator to effectively clean clothes - particularly jeans. Keeping them in your freezer can make the color much less likely to fade.


Effect of Storing Jeans in the Refrigerator

Storing and cleaning jeans in the refrigerator may sound strange, but it is actually a surprisingly effective method to preserve the color and freshness of your clothes. When you put jeans in the refrigerator, it helps maintain their original beauty and prevents fading. Additionally, it eliminates unpleasant odors without the need for frequent washing, allowing the jeans to maintain their color for a longer period of time.

Put jeans in the fridge

Washing clothes with excessive detergents such as washing powder and liquid can cause clothes to fade faster. Therefore, it is recommended to store new clothes, especially jeans, in a plastic bag or zip bag and place them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight. Afterward, wash the jeans as usual to achieve the best color retention effect.

How to Properly Store Jeans in the Refrigerator

Step 1: Before washing your new jeans for the first time, fold them neatly and place them in a zippered plastic bag.

Fold things up and put them in a plastic bag

Step 2: Leave the jeans in the freezer overnight. However, it is important to note that this method does not replace the need for washing.

Put things in the freezer

Step 3: To extend the lifespan of your jeans, soak them in warm water with a little vinegar for approximately one hour. Then wash them again in warm water to ensure proper protection and prevent fading.

Tips for Caring for Jeans in Other Ways

Preserving Jeans with Salt Water:

Before washing new jeans with soap, soak them in diluted salt water for a few hours. This method helps prevent fabric fading and keeps the jeans looking as good as new. Simply dissolve a few tablespoons of salt in a bowl of cold water, soak the jeans for about an hour, and then gently wash them by hand.

Wash jeans with salt

Preserving Jeans with Vinegar:

Similar to using salt water, you can use vinegar to soak your jeans. Add a few tablespoons of vinegar to a bowl of water, mix well, and then soak the jeans. This method helps maintain the color of the jeans. After soaking with vinegar, wash the jeans with soap to remove the vinegar smell, rinsing thoroughly with plenty of water.

Washing Jeans with Vinegar

Notes for Washing Jeans

– Jeans can be worn multiple times before washing to prolong their lifespan and maintain a fresh appearance.

– When machine-washing jeans, turn them inside out, zip up all zippers, and fasten all buttons to prevent excessive fading and damage.

– Use ample amounts of water when washing jeans. Start with warm water for rinsing, then switch to cold water.

– For small stains, instead of washing the entire jeans, use a brush dipped in soap to directly rub the stain.

– Choose detergents and soaps with low alkalinity and avoid using bleach to prevent excessive fading.

– Dry jeans in the shade to maintain their new look, even though it may take longer.

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