How to Quickly and Easily Repair Scratches on a LCD TV Screen – A DIY Guide

Having trouble with scratches marring the display of your LCD TV? Not to worry! Follow these helpful tips and you'll have it looking good as new in no time.


How to Remove Scratches on a TV Screen

Follow these steps to safely remove scratches from your TV screen:

Step 1:

Prepare a mixture of water and alcohol by combining 1 part alcohol with 20 parts water. Use a soft, dry cloth to apply the solution to the screen. Make sure the cloth is completely dry before using.

Prepare a part of water and alcohol
Mix alcohol and water together

Step 2:

Clean the screen using a damp cloth made of soft or cotton fabric. Avoid using paper towels as they can scratch the screen. Gently wipe the screen to remove dust and debris.

Gently wipe on the TV screen

Step 3:

Moisten another clean cloth with the diluted alcohol mixture. Gently wipe the cloth along the length of the scratch to reduce its visibility.

Gently wipe on the scratch

Step 4:

Use a dry cloth to remove any remaining solution from the screen. Be sure to thoroughly dry the screen to prevent the alcohol solution from drying on the surface.

Use a cloth to dry the alcohol and water solution
  • If the diluted alcohol solution is not strong enough to remove the scratch, you can use alcohol with a higher concentration. However, do not exceed a 35% alcohol concentration in the solution.
  • Always turn off the TV before cleaning.

Follow these steps carefully, and if you have any questions or need further assistance, please leave a comment below.