Improve Phone Performance by Disabling Google Services

Having trouble with your phone's sluggishness and battery drain? This guide has you covered with step-by-step instructions on how to deactivate Google services to improve your phone's performance.


Google Unveils New Monetisation Policy for Services

How to turn off Google background services

How to Disable Services: A Guide

  1. Access the “Settings” section.

How to turn off Google background services

Step 2: Navigate to the “Applications” section.

How to turn off Google background services

Step 3: Disable Google-related Apps

How to turn off Google background services

Select an application and choose “Turn off” to close it. Here are some suggested applications that you can turn off:

  • Google Photos

    Google Photos is a synchronization and photo viewer service developed by Google. It allows users to effortlessly store and access their photos across multiple devices. With an intuitive interface and advanced search capabilities, Google Photos makes it easy to organize and find specific photos. In addition, it offers various sharing options, making it simple to share albums or individual photos with friends and family.

  • Google Drive: a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service provided by Google.
  • Google Play Music and Movies: Experience Google’s top-of-the-line music player and video viewer.
  • Google Duo: A phone calling application developed by Google.
  • Gmail: Google’s email application. It is recommended to deactivate if you do not frequently use email.

  • Google Maps: Google’s map viewing service tailored to meet various needs.
  • Google Chrome: A web browser developed by Google that offers a range of features and benefits tailored to individual needs.
  • Google Search: Google’s search engine (Depends on individual needs).

  • Google Play Games: Simplify the management of your game account by easily disabling it when not actively engaged in games associated with your Google account.
  • Google+ is a social network developed by Google.

To optimize battery usage and reduce data consumption, you have the option to disable the location feature on your device, specifically for Google apps. This way, your device will not be accessed for location information.

To access and utilize the application, navigate to “Settings” and then choose “Applications”. From there, select the desired application and click on “Open” to initiate it.

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