The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Whisking: Achieving Perfectly Fluffy Dough with a Hand Mixer

Introducing the ultimate time-saver for baking enthusiasts - the handheld electric mixer. This handy device takes the effort out of whisking and kneading, transforming the tedious task of mixing batter into a breeze. Get ready to explore the art of kneading dough with this handy tool and become the master baker you've always aspired to be!


1. How to Knead Dough Using a Hand Mixer

Step 1: Attach the Dough Hook to the Mixer

To begin, ensure that your hand mixer is not connected to a power source and set the speed dial to 0 for safety. Then, attach the appropriate hook for your task.

The Bear DDQ-B01K1 hand mixer features a stainless steel dough hook, ensuring durability and safety.

Step 2: Connect the Hand Mixer to a Power Source

Once the dough hook is securely attached, plug the mixer into a power outlet to energize the device. Consider using a quality extension cord for easier maneuverability during the dough-mixing process.

Opt for the Dien Quang 3-hole 2m power outlet (002A-02) from the trusted Dien Quang brand for your hand mixer.

Step 3: Customize the Settings to Suit Your Needs

Start the mixer at the lowest speed (setting 1) to ensure a stable operation. Once the mixer has reached a steady pace, you can gradually increase the speed if a faster, more vigorous mixing action is required.

For the AVA HM-167 hand mixer, always begin mixing at the lowest speed to establish a stable operation.

Step 4: Start Kneading the Dough

Place all your ingredients and spices in a large mixing bowl and begin kneading the dough at a low speed, as mentioned in Step 3. Typically, kneading dough with a hand mixer takes around 2-5 minutes, depending on the quantity of dough.

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