Tips for Safe and Effective Use of Misting Fans

Discover the benefits of utilizing sustainable energy sources in buildings with these helpful tips.


Misting Fans: How to Use Them Safely and Effectively

Misting fans are a popular choice among families today due to their outstanding features such as maximum cooling, humidity balancing, and air purification. However, using these fans properly requires some expertise. At, we would like to share some tips on how to use misting fans safely and effectively.

Only use misting fans for open spaces
Only use misting fans for open spaces

While misting fans have the ability to balance humidity in the air, using them for too long or in closed rooms can promote the growth of mold and harmful bacteria, posing health risks for your family. Additionally, high humidity can corrode metal objects and damage wood, paper, fabric, and electronic devices. When using misting fans, consider the following:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid accidents.
  • Avoid using the fan continuously for extended periods, and refrain from using the misting function in closed rooms or during humid weather to prevent water condensation and mold formation.
  • For new or unused fans, allow them to dry and run for 1-2 hours before pouring water to remove any excess moisture.
  • Regularly clean the dust filter, absorbent pad, and water tank. Drain the bottom regularly to prevent clogging of the inner hose and accumulation of contaminated water.

Regularly drain the bottom to prevent clogged hoses from contaminating the water
Regularly drain the bottom to prevent clogged hoses from contaminating the water

  • Place the fan in spacious and well-ventilated areas like the living room. Keep it away from water-absorbent objects and technology items such as TVs, computers, or phones to prevent damage.
  • Avoid moving the fan while it is running to prevent water spillage from the tank, which can affect the electrical circuit and cause a short circuit.
  • Avoid using the fan for extended periods for children, the elderly, and individuals with weakened resistance to heat stroke.

Remove and clean the duct to ensure misting efficiency
Remove and clean the duct to ensure misting efficiency

Effective Cooling Strategies

  • Avoid opening the cold storage lid to prevent spilling and preserve the efficiency of the cooling solution.
  • Do not fold the water vapor duct and regularly clean it to ensure unrestricted misting ability.
  • Select the appropriate speed and wind mode based on the external weather conditions for optimal cooling effect.
  • Avoid using the fan at maximum capacity continuously to prevent damage to the motor. Turn off unnecessary functions to conserve electricity.
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