What is the Best Temperature Setting for Laundry Items Like Pants and Towels?

Are you wondering how to keep your clothes looking their best and in good condition for longer? Setting the right water temperature on your washing machine could be the answer. Learn more in this article about the perfect temperatures for different garments.


1Check clothing labels

Prior to each wash, carefully review the clothing labels to determine the appropriate temperature for washing based on the garment and fabric type. If the clothes do not provide clear indications, you can use the following characteristics of the garment as a guide to select the suitable washing temperature.

Check the clothing labels before each wash

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2Garments with bright or dark colors

High temperatures can cause rapid fading for clothes with bright or dark colors. Therefore, it is recommended to wash these types of clothes using warm water or preferably cold water. Additionally, instead of detergent, you may opt to use white vinegar in the first wash for these garments.

Temperature will make bright or dark-colored clothes fade

3Garments made of wool

When dealing with garments made from wool, it is advisable to wash them in cold water for a short duration while avoiding the use of bleach. Hot water can damage the wool fibers, so it is best to steer clear of it.

For garments made from wool, you should wash at low temperatures with short wash cycles


If jeans are not heavily soiled, consider using white vinegar instead of detergent. Additionally, it is advisable to refrain from washing jeans with warm or hot water. Keeping the temperature at or below 30 degrees Celsius is ideal for maintaining jeans’ lifespan. Remember, the less frequent you wash jeans, the better.

If jeans are not really dirty, you can use white vinegar instead of detergent

5White clothes

For white clothes, the appropriate washing temperature depends on the fabric type. If the clothing is made entirely of cotton, it is recommended to wash with cold water.

For white clothes, you need to rely on the type of fabric to choose the appropriate washing temperature

6Children’s clothes

The delicate and sensitive skin of children and infants requires cautious laundry practices. It is advisable to minimize the use of chemical detergents and fabric softeners. In most cases, you can wash children’s clothes using cold water. However, for diapers, a wash with warm or hot water at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius is necessary.

The skin of children, infants is usually very delicate and sensitive

7Various types of towels

Bath towels, bedspreads, and other types of towels are prone to becoming soiled. To ensure cleanliness and limit bacteria, it is recommended to wash these towels using warm or hot water (approximately 40 to 60 degrees).

Bath towels, bedspreads, and other types of towels are prone to getting dirty

It is crucial to keep the above information in mind to prevent damage to your family’s clothing while ensuring cleanliness and safety.

Source: Persil

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