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7 Signs of Happy and Successful Future in Infants

Raising a young child is a period of uncertainty for many parents, as they anxiously wonder how to ensure their child is developing well. Let's take a look at the following signs to see if your child exhibits them or not.

Why do ancestral sayings instruct using poverty to raise sons and wealth to raise...

In the olden days, our ancestors advised "raise sons in poverty and daughters in wealth", which is considered a golden rule in the traditional upbringing of children.

Choose Sleep or Sing Lullabies: Which Option Makes Your Child Smarter?

Childhood behaviors and habits play a crucial role in a child's development. Parents need to pay attention and guide their children to form good habits, which help them develop holistically in terms of physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects.

Three Positive Traits of Parents to Sustain for Transmitting the Most Positive Energy to...

Parents are powerful role models in shaping a child's character. When faced with challenges, if parents persevere without losing hope, their children will be confident and always look ahead.

10 Unique Ways Vietnamese Families Teach Their Children, Making Them Stand Out

Vietnamese child-rearing practices, despite their strengths, still have some shortcomings. Below are 10 unique ways Vietnamese families teach their children:

The 6 qualities of well-raised and successful children

The journey of a child's growth holds countless lessons that parents need to impart. In fact, the signs of a well-nurtured child serve as a compass guiding towards a brilliant future for them.

5 Surprising Ways to Raise Intelligent Children: The Second Secret that Will Amaze You...

"A child's intelligence is not solely determined by genetics, but also heavily influenced by their upbringing and education. Parents can apply these 5 secrets to lay a solid foundation for their child's cognitive development."

3 Things Parents Should Let Go to Ensure Their Child’s Success

Parents are the first teachers of their children, but controlling their child's education too much can have detrimental effects. In order for their child to succeed, there are three things that parents should let go of.

Three Skills to Improve Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Children who display high emotional intelligence (EQ) from a young age tend to be more successful as they grow older.

1 Essential Ingredient Every Child Needs for Success, But Many Parents Forget to Teach

This is extremely simple but it helps children become confident and achieve all their future goals.

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