July 13, 2024
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3 Strange Behaviors That Show Children Have Extremely High IQ

Sometimes these behaviors of children may be considered odd, but in fact, these children often have a high IQ.

5 Ways to Raise Healthy, Intelligent Children Every Parent Should Remember

Parents should keep in mind the following when giving birth and raising children in order to nurture them to be healthy and intelligent.

Signs of a Smart Child: 2 Indicators to Congratulate Your Child at a Young...

If your child exhibits these behaviors between the ages of 1-2, it indicates that your child is highly intelligent.

Mothers’ Need for Awareness of Dual Activity of Breastfeeding and Watching TV

In the contemporary world, in which technology pervades our lives, some mothers tend to soothe their babies through nursing while simultaneously watching television. Although this practice may not appear to affect the infant, studies show that it can in fact have dire repercussions on the baby's well-being, both in terms of physical health and mental growth. In this article, we will look at the possible reasons for this activity and its potential outcomes.

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