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Should Parents Spend Their Children’s Lucky Money in 2021?

The tradition of lucky money is a beautiful cultural aspect of Tet, holding a special significance for Vietnamese people. However, with each Tet holiday comes the question of what to do with the lucky money received by children. Should parents spend their children's lucky money?

3 Types of Families That May Produce Children With Lower EQ: Are You at...

Recent studies have indicated that these three common family dynamics can often inadvertently instill negative habits and thought patterns that hinder a child's emotional development.

6 Pivotal Moments to Teach Your Children Independence: A Recipe for Their Future Success...

Introducing the art of instilling independence in your child: Empowering them to take charge of their lives and fostering a sense of responsibility. It is imperative for parents to embrace these pivotal stages in their children's lives, seizing the opportunity to nurture their decision-making skills and, in turn, cultivate a strong sense of independence.

The Art of Constructive Criticism: 6 Rules for Parents to Guide Children Without Causing...

No one likes to hear complaints, not even from their own children. Remember these six golden rules of constructive criticism to ensure you don't unintentionally hurt your kids' feelings!

8 Parenting Rules That Aren’t Always Right

To raise well-rounded children, parents often establish certain rules and guidelines. However, it's important to recognize that there are eight common parenting rules that may not always be set in stone.

“The ‘Disaster’ Child: How Parents Can Spot the Red Flags and Take Action”

Indulged children often turn out to be reliant and disrespectful towards their parents. The four types of children outlined in this article may seem obedient and respectful, but they are, in fact, a recipe for disaster for their parents.

8 Common Traits of Parents of Rich and Successful Children – Do You Have...

Parenting traits empower children with the resilience and skills to thrive in life.

3 Parental Habits That Sound Bad But Are Actually Great for Kids

Do you believe that parents' "bad habits" could lead their children to success? Let's explore 3 little-known parenting hacks to raise the best version of your children!

3 Signs of a True ‘Leopard Son’: Bringing Happiness to Parents in Their Golden...

Do you nurture a "little angel" who brings joy and happiness to your family? Let's explore 3 remarkable signs of "gratitude kids" to recognize and cherish the precious gifts that life bestows upon us.

40-Year Study: 5 Words That Will Change a Child’s Life

In a 40-year study, University of Chicago's Professor James Joseph Heckman uncovered a profound secret: Successful adults share one defining trait, which can be summed up in 5 simple words.

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