15 applications to sing karaoke on phones and computers to help you sing anywhere

The article below will show you how to use your phone's karaoke application in order to sing anywhere! Whether it be at home or on the go, these 15 apps are sure to make singing easy and fun.


Now that you have a recording studio on hand, a compact karaoke space can sing anywhere, including duets with celebrities, creating MVs and albums for yourself. Today, we will introduce you to 15 karaoke applications on your phone, so you can sing anywhere!

1 Software on PC

Karaoke software Karafun Player

Phần mềm hát karaoke Karafun Player Karaoke software Karafun Player

Karafun Player software provides a simple and easy-to-use karaoke experience. You can sing karaoke without an internet connection by synchronizing songs to playlists.

Songs on Karaoke Player software are up to more than 38,000 songs, constantly being updated. In addition, you can sync more songs from your computer library to sing promises to bring you the best music experience.

You can completely adjust the tone and tempo of the song to your liking on the software. Depending on the voice, you can raise or lower the tone of the song, as well as set the song to be faster or slower.

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Karaoke software Walaoke

Phần mềm hát karaoke Walaoke Karaoke software Walaoke

Walaoke karaoke software supports running on many file types and many files with a variety of different formats. The lyrics of the song are clearly displayed, and there are different fonts, colors, and sizes for you to choose from.

In addition, lyrics are also capable of playing directly on camera, video, and other input formats.

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Karaoke software winlive Free

With a song reserve of more than 38,000 songs and constantly being updated to meet all your singing needs, it promises to bring you moments of great experience.

With the offline data synchronization feature, you can still use it when you are not connected to the network, so you can use this software anytime, anywhere.

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2 Singing apps on the phone

Karaoke app for Android


iKara iKara

A karaoke app with more than 1 million English and Vietnamese songs, new songs are updated continuously every day. You can not only sing alone, but you can also sing with friends, even share it so that everyone can enjoy your voice. Besides, you can make friends with people with the same passion,

IKara also creates an opportunity for you to try your hand at ranking and receive gifts from the application, the rankings will update continuously every day.


  • You can easily find a beat that matches your voice
  • Supports sound effects such as autotune, noise filter, echo, reverb, bass, treble, equalizer… to help you record more professionally.
  • You can sing anywhere on your mobile phone.
  • Support on phones and on the web
  • Score karaoke feature


  • Requires Android 5.0 or higher
  • Or there are some small mistakes such as difficult group comments, and beat selection.

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Karaoke Vietnamese song

Karaoke bài hát Việt Karaoke Vietnamese song

A karaoke application that allows you to freely express your passion, with many genres, themes, and millions of different songs for you to choose from. In addition, you can use some additional sounds and special voice effects to make your recordings better. You can share your performances on Facebook for more people to enjoy


  • You can sing and record anytime, anywhere.
  • You can adjust the appropriate tones for your recordings.
  • The application can automatically save the history of the recording or the song you have listened to


  • Only suitable for Android 5.0 and above
  • It’s hard to communicate with friends right on the app

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Smule Smule

With Smule you can sing karaoke live with millions of songs anytime, anywhere with your friends, or groups of friends, you can even sing with your celebrities and idols. No matter what your voice is, can sharpen your voice to become more professional. You’ll be able to add videos to your recordings easily with a variety of video filters, and special effects to share on a global platform of over 50 million users to be discovered.


  • App to sing karaoke for free anytime, anywhere.
  • Helping you fulfill your dream of singing a duet with your idol.
  • Connect and exchange with music-loving souls.
  • App is also available in Vietnamese.
  • Sing in many languages.


  • Android 5.0 or higher required

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Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere – karaoke application on your phone with many free features. The application helps users to sing karaoke on phones and computers, and easily record high-quality performance videos. Can communicate and interact with people all over the world.


  • Enjoy singing with friends.
  • The download size is not too heavy.


  • The interface is not beautiful
  • Only available on Android

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Karaoke app for iPhone, iOS

WeSing – Karaoke, Party & Live

 WeSing - Karaoke, Tiệc & Trực tiếp WeSing – Karaoke, Party & Live

WeSing Key Features – Karaoke, Party & Live is full of features: sing with friends, make friends, sing with celebrities, and become a pop star with just this app. You can satisfy your passion with today’s hottest songs, sing, record, and score extremely fast. You can create your own albums for everyone, or you can also see who gave you gifts. Share your performance with the world on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. with your friends, and rate and improve your vocals.


  • Can create your own album, MV with great quality.
  • Can sing karaoke when there is no network.
  • Singing karaoke scores extremely fast and accurately.
  • Connect with friends


  • Contains many ads
  • Charges for advanced functions
  • iOS 9.0 or later required.

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Yokara Yokara

Yokara is an application with more than 2 million users around the world that allows you to freely sing and record your favorite songs. Now you can record your favorite music and edit it with various effects and send it to your friends to enjoy. You can sing with friends no matter how far away, and you can also experience being a streamer with the feature of creating a Livestream room to sing and interact directly with people.

Yokara brings you a quality studio with the best sound effects that are hard to find in other apps.


  • Sing and record professionally like in a studio.
  • Can make friends with music enthusiasts around.
  • You can chat privately with friends online by texting.
  • Try your hand at music charts.


  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later
  • Some features cost money

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StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Free

StarMaker: Hát Karaoke Miễn Phí StarMaker: Sing Karaoke Free

A famous karaoke application with more than 50 million users globally with more than 2 million new songs updated daily. This is a karaoke application on iPhone and android with many outstanding features of StarMaker: record and edit your songs with many voice applications, allowing you to duet with friends and famous singers you love. Like, share short video recordings, and interact with friends. Rich ringtone store with the hottest songs, you can edit and own that music as a ringtone including your own.


  • Sing a duet with friends anywhere.
  • You can adjust the tone tone accordingly.
  • Listen and interact with your friends through your or their songs.
  • Easily search for songs.


  • ios 12.0 or later required.
  • Charges may apply for some features

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The Voice – Sing Karaoke

The Voice - Hát Karaoke The Voice – Sing Karaoke

A karaoke software on android and ios was born based on a global music TV program called The Voice. With this karaoke singing app you can sing solo. duet and even sing with their idols from all over the world. Share your great music with more than 100 million other singers worldwide. Enjoy and interact with your friends with impressive covers.


  • Many different genres and themes of songs.
  • Duet and exchange with singers all over the world.
  • Share your own masterpieces.
  • Expression of feelings with cover songs on the platform


  • 10.0 or later is required.

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StarMaker Lite: The #1 Singing & Music App

StarMaker Lite: Ứng dụng Hát & Nhạc số 1 StarMaker Lite: The #1 Singing & Music App

A karaoke app that helps you awaken your hidden musical potential. With many outstanding features such as: Can sing with friends, recording favorite music, experiencing contests to win prizes. Improve your voice through the scoring karaoke feature.


  • You can make friends with many people around the world.
  • Improve vocals through grading.
  • Huge music store updated daily.
  • Singing contest to receive gifts on the app


  • Requires iOS 12.0 or later

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Karaoke – Sing and record

 Karaoke - Hát và ghi âm Karaoke – Sing and record

Karaoke – Singing and recording help you have a small recording studio and sing karaoke to your heart’s content. With over 1000 songs from dozens of different genres, using auto-voice tuning equalizers gives the best sound effects. Can record a video of your performance.


  • Small capacity.
  • Enjoy karaoke.
  • Record your favorite song and send it to your friends


  • Only support for iOS 12.1 and above.
  • Charges for some features.
  • There are often minor errors.

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3 Applications to sing karaoke online

Karaoke application diepkhuc.Com

Phần mềm Diepkhuc.Com Software Diepkhuc.Com

This is known as software that provides a lot of Vietnamese songs with standard lyrics a beautiful, neat interface, and high-quality images. So, what are you waiting for without experiencing it right away?

Access link

Vietnam Karaoke app

Vietnam Karaoke Vietnam Karaoke

This is known as a simple software, very easy to use for all music lovers. With songs that are always updated with music from the Internet, it helps you easily manage songs and only download the songs you love or sing, which greatly reduces the capacity of your device.

With the feature of playing animations while running text, the experience becomes much more interesting and vivid.

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4 How to sing karaoke online on YouTube

How to sing karaoke online on YouTube

Preparing instruments

  • Computer With Stable Network Connection
  • Loudspeaker

Good tip:
– In order for the sound to sound clear and clear when singing, you should prepare a set of speakers or a speaker system.
– Usually, people will use the built-in microphone in the headset to save money, but you should choose a dedicated microphone to get better and clearer sound. You can buy wireless and wired microphones sold at reputable electronics stores and supermarkets.

Chuẩn Bị dụng cụ Preparing instruments

How to find Karaoke Songs on Youtube

Step 1 Open browser or youtube app

Step 2 You enter the name of the song + karaoke in the search bar. Then press Enter, and drag the mouse down to find a good song.

Good tip: You should choose songs that have a lot of views because they are usually quality songs.

Step 3 Right-click to play music

Nhập tên bài hát Enter the name and click on the song

Other operations

Adjust the playback speed of the song

If you feel the song is too fast or slow, in the song playback window, press Settings and then select Playback Speed”.

Mở giao diện tốc độ phát Open the playback speed interface

Here you can adjust the playback speed to fast or slow. Slow from 0.25 to 0.75 or fast from 1.25 to 2. You can also set the speed yourself by pressing the “Custom” button.

Chỉnh tốc độ theo sở thích Adjust the speed to your liking

Adjust the image quality of the song

For clearer images and text, you can go to Settings (gear icon) => Quality (Quality)

If your home wifi is stable, you should choose 720 HD, and 1080 HD resolution for the best display quality. If your home network has a slow connection, you should lower it so that the audio playback is not interrupted.

Chỉnh chất lượng hình ảnh của bài hát Adjust the image quality of the song