4 Relaxing ASMR Singing Videos to Aid You in Winding Down

Are you feeling stressed? Looking for an alternate way to relax and relieve tension? Bách Hóa Xanh has a solution for you - ASMR songs! Creating a soothing and calming effect, ASMR can provide a great escape from the stresses of everyday life, allowing you to take a much-needed break from reality.


ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, has gained significant popularity due to the soothing and calming experiences it provides. ASMR triggers might include gentle whispers, subtle tapping on objects, or even soft singing. For those interested in exploring the world of ASMR, below are a selection of videos that are sure to evoke tranquility and peace.

My Most Requested Songs Sung Softly – Views: 1,935,461

FrivolousFox ASMR, owned by Frivvi, is a popular ASMR channel based in Los Angeles. Frivvi specializes in creating a variety of ASMR videos, including tapping, rubbing on tools, singing softly, and whispering. With 1.57 million subscribers, FrivolousFox ASMR has garnered a large following. In one of her videos, Frivvi blends singing with tapping on recording tools, resulting in a unique musical experience without the use of traditional instruments.

Below is an image representing FrivolousFox ASMR:

FrivolousFox ASMR

Twin ASMR Singers Share Enchanting Renditions of Disney Classics – Views: 126,966

This is the first ASMR video featuring 2 twin sisters, Nina and Randa, hailing from California. They are the talented creators behind the ASMR Twins channel, which boasts an impressive 17.3 thousand subscribers. Known for their enchanting singing voices, they often delight their audience with beautiful renditions of Disney songs. In this particular video, they have transformed beloved Disney classics into a soothing ASMR experience. If you are a devoted fan of Disney, you won’t want to miss this unique listening experience.

Jungkook’s Rainy ASMR Performance Soothes with 1.3 Million Views


If you are a K-POP fan, do not miss this video. It is a compilation video by a British girl named Georgina, who owns the ItsGeorginaOkay channel with 80.9 thousand subscribers. Her channel’s content consists of compilations as well as her reactions to K-POP songs.

Below is an ASMR singing video by Jungkook from the famous BTS music group. In this video, he combines singing ballad melodies with the soothing sound of rain. If you are feeling stressed, try listening to this before going to bed. It will provide a much more calming and gentle experience.

“ELGH Sings You to Sleep: Over 4 Million Views”

Alaina Castillo

Alaina Castillo is an artist from the United States who owns the Alaina Castillo channel. She has amassed a substantial following of 854 thousand subscribers. Not only does she possess a remarkable singing voice, but she also exudes undeniable adorableness. Her channel features a plethora of ASMR singing videos and conversational pieces in this style. In the featured video, she performs popular and trending songs. Join us in indulging in her delightful melodies.

If you don’t like listening to ASMR created by sounds, try relieving fatigue and stress with it.

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