Four simple ways to find music on Tik Tok, you can find any song you see

Have you ever accidentally heard a Tik Tok song but don't know what the name of the song is? Let's 4th way to find music on TikTok is simple, apply successfully up to 98%!


1 Find the song in the info section

To know what is song used in the Tiktok video you just watched, click on the information in the lower left corner of the video. Each Tik Tok video will include information such as captions, hashtags, and even the name of the sound used in the video clip. Viewers can choose and use the same sound to create a video clip for themselves.

Tìm bài hát trên các thông tin đính kèm video Find the song on the video attachment information

Step 1 Click on the audio information in the bottom left corner of the screen

Step 2 Tik Tok will display the song name along with the videos that have used this sound. You can choose to Add to Favorites to save for later use or choose Use this sound to record Tik Tok videos now.

2 Find the song in the comments

If the song you’re looking for is a good song that isn’t widely known, there’s bound to be a lot of curious people. You just need to go to the comment section of the video to check if anyone has asked a question and then see the answer. If no one has asked yet, you can also leave a comment yourself. This method is simple, but getting the answer can take a long time.

cách tìm thông tin bài hát trong tik tok The simplest, you just need to see the information attached to the video

Step 1 Click the comment icon.

Step 2 Surf for answers or leave your questions.

3 Find songs by lyrics

Another simple way to find songs is to search by lyrics. Listen to the lyrics in the video and retype the lyrics into the Google search box. This search engine will answer you with the name of the song as well as relevant results such as Youtube links, music links on Zing Mp3, NhacCuaTui,…

cách tìm bài hát theo lời bài hát Type a piece of lyrics and search on Google

Step 1 Type lyrics to Google or YouTube.

Step 2 Click the search button and select the best match.

This is quite effective for songs with easy-to-listen lyrics. For songs that are difficult to guess the lyrics, or only have the melody, you can refer to the following way.

4 Find songs by search application, song recognition

There are many applications that can search, and identify sounds, and songs. Here are two of the most commonly used and accurate ones.


Download the app here:

  For iOS operating system

  For Android OS

Shazam application can help you identify the melody of any song, the results returned include the song title, singer, and Youtube link with very high accuracy. The app even gives you lyrics that sync with the music being played. cách tải và sử dụng ứng dụng shazam Simple application interface, easy to use

Step 1 Download the app to your phone

Step 2 Open the app and tap the bubble icon in the middle of the screen

Step 3 Wait about 20 seconds for the application to collect, process the sound, and produce the results

cách dùng shazam tìm bài hát Search results are very accurate and fast


Download the app here:

For iOS operating system

For Android OS

Musixmatch is also an application that helps identify songs through lyrics and melodies. The application also integrates lyrics synchronization with the currently playing music.

tải và đăng nhập ứng dụng Musixmatch Download and log in with Facebook/Google/email very easily

Step 1 Download the app to your phone.

Step 2 Open the app and log in to your Google/Facebook/Email account.

Step 3 Select the Identify icon if you want to search for songs by the tune. Or select the Search icon if you want to search for songs by lyrics.

cách sử dụng và kết quả của musixmatch The Identification section helps you find music faster and more accurately

So just now, I have introduced to you 4 very simple ways to find music on Tik Tok. Hope these little tips will help your life. Thanks for watching!