Five ASMR videos on the topic of tapping are very cool and comfortable

ASMR videos are one of the most popular and widely used forms of relaxation. Let's learn about 5 ASMR videos on the topic of tapping extremely cool and comfortable in the article below.


These days, they are very interested because it has sounds that help them feel extremely relaxed. Among the sounds of ASMR, there is tapping sound – the sound of nails tapping on different surfaces makes you feel comfortable, extremely relaxing. So let’s find out what ASMR is and which ASMR videos on the topic of tapping you should watch to experience this strange feeling of stimulation!

1 ASMR Addictive Tapping 1 Hr (No Talking) (Views: 6,434,750 times)

Is a clip of Chanel “ASMR Bakery” specializing in ASMR videos with hundreds of thousands of views. This is an hour-long clip that synthesizes a lot of knocks, from knocking on an iPad case to tapping on the glass, masks, ceramic plates, wooden boxes, etc. so the ups and downs sound, bringing a feeling of extreme relaxation. Try experimenting with nail knocks on different surfaces and see which one you like best!

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2 ASMR TAPPING No Talking (Views: 4,454,732 plays)


This is a clip of a channel with more than 600,000 followers – Stacy Aster. Fast, slow touches tickle you, making you feel tingling and extremely relaxed. This clip is also said to be extremely suitable for studying, working, and even sleeping. The sounds are deep, pleasant, and extremely hypnotic. The clip longer than 1 hour will lead you to many sounds such as knocking bottles, knocking on pieces of cardboard, pieces of wood, cups of candles, … extremely attractive.

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3 ASMR | Relaxing Tapping on Items (Views: 1,875,203 plays)

ASMR | Relaxing Tapping on Items

This is a million-view video from a channel with more than 2 million 5 followers – Gibi ASMR. With this video, you will also hear knocking sounds on many different surfaces, different from the above two videos such as tapping on a watch box, tapping on a toaster, and tapping on an eyeshadow palette box. makeup brush holder. The knocks are even, giving you a feeling of goosebumps but extremely good. The more you hear the knocking, the more addicted you will become and want to rewind over and over again with these addictive sounds.

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4 [ASMR] 100% Tapping For Sleep & Relaxation (Views: 442,536 views)

[ASMR] 100% Tapping For Sleep & Relaxation

This is a clip from the LottieLoves ASMR channel specializing in ASMR clips that have been watched by more than 170,000 people. Throughout the 30-minute video, you will enjoy the sound of nails tapping on medicine boxes, airport boxes, hardcovers, paperbacks, and phones,… Many different ups and downs make up a clip that helps You be extremely relaxed and comfortable.

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5 ASMR LEGENDARY TAPPING (Views: 6,060,022 views)

ASMR LEGENDARY TAPPING | 1,5 hour no talking compilation

From Chanel ASMR zeitgeist – a channel with lots of clips about ASMR. The clip is more than 1 hour and 30 minutes long with many mixed sounds from very special sounding knocks, you will experience sounds like a fingernail, fingernail, fingertip, and plastic percussion respectively. on many strange surfaces such as flowerpots, balls, book covers, etc. If you are a lover of ASMR sounds, you should not ignore this clip.

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The clips of ASMR sound are strange but extremely attractive. If you focus on listening, you can immerse yourself in these sounds and feel extremely relaxed and at ease. Hopefully, the 5 tapping videos above will help you have the most relaxing moments.