5 ASMR youtube channels on the best massage topic to help you relax

The ASMR youtube channel is currently a popular trend. Therefore, today we will introduce to you a few ASMR youtube channels on the best massage topic to help you relax and relieve stress.


The sounds like chewing food, whispering, and flipping books, … are created from the clips that make you extremely excited and help you relieve stress. The topics of ASMR clips are also very diverse from cooking to playing slime,…

In particular, the topic of massage is also one of the favorites of young people because it helps to relax the mind very well. Let’s learn about ASMR youtube channels on the best massage topic with Bach Hoa XANH!

1 시리TV Shili (653,000 subscriptions)

Kênh youtube 시리TV Shili

시리TV Shili is a youtube channel with 650,000 subscribers, this girl’s videos are mainly around the topic of massage. This young person will go to the spa and experience the massage services here from earwax, and facial care to foot massage. Chili’s massage topics are also very diverse and attract many views, including a clip with more than 6 million views.

Channel clip

2 ASMR Anil Cakmak (970,000 subscriptions)

Kênh youtube ASMR Anil Cakmak

ASMR Anil Cakma’s videos mainly revolve around Anil Chakma’s guy and his job as a barber. Besides, he also has massage services for his customers such as head massage, face massage, or ear massage. Anil Cakma’s videos are loved by many people and have relatively high views in them, the video with the highest views is more than 29 million views.

Channel clip

3 Myaling ASMR (448,000 registrations)

Kênh youtube Myaling ASMR

Myaling ASMR is a youtube channel made by a young girl from Korea. Her ASMR videos have a variety of topics from massage, and makeup to cooking. In particular, her massage videos are loved by many people and have quite high views with most of the videos having over 1 million views.

Channel clip

4 ASMR ALICE (288,000 subscriptions)

Kênh youtube ASMR ALICE

ASMR ALICE is a youtube channel with topics mainly about ear and face massage, but the channel also has some other content such as ear piercing, the sound of various musical instruments, and mukkbang. Besides, a special feature of ASMR ALICE channel is that the massage videos are all performed on rubber ears or rubber facial skin, bringing a distinct attraction to viewers.

Channel clip

5 Sophia Chang (853,000 subscriptions)

Kênh youtube Sophia Chang

Is a youtube channel of a beautiful and dynamic young girl Sophia Chang with a lot of different content such as makeup, fashion, life, and ASMR. In particular, Sophia Chang’s ASMR videos are mainly on the topic of facial massage and attract a lot of views, especially the ASMR Facial for oily skin video which has more than 3 million views – an impressive number.

Channel clip

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With the information that we have just shared, we hope to help you choose a favorite channel for you to watch and relax in your free time. On weekends, opening the clip and relaxing with a glass, a little, there is nothing more wonderful.