5 simple steps to make music on Tik Tok, easy to do with just your phone

Do you know how to make a music application for videos on Tik Tok more unique? Let Bach Hoa Xanh share 5 simple and fastest steps for you!


Today, it is one of the most popular and popular social networks today. Therefore, Tik Tok always updates new features and effects every day to attract users. In particular, the music wave effect is being used by many young people.

So how to create music waves? Bach Hoa Xanh will guide you in 5 simple steps to create music waves in the article below!

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first What is music wave?

Music waves are movements, flashing to the rhythm of the song around the photos you upload . Besides, editing effects that make your videos more beautiful are also added by Tik Tok such as writing text on TikTok videos, choosing new colors for videos…

Sóng nhạc là gì? What is music wave?

2 How to make music on Tik Tok

Step 1 Go to TikTok and select video recording

Truy cập vào TikTok Go to TikTok

>>>Click the MV icon and swipe left to select the wave effect – My favorite song.

Chọn quay video, chọn MV, chọn Tạo ngay Select video recording, select MV, select Create now

Step 2 Choose your favorite image and choose music for your video at "Audio"

Chọn hình ảnh, chọn âm nhạc cho video Choose pictures, choose music for videos

Step 3 Choose your favorite ticker to decorate the video more vividly and aesthetically in the "Stickers" section and you can add text in the "Text" section.

Chọn nhãn dán, chọn văn bản Select sticker, select text

Step 4 Choose a color for the video in the "Color filter" section.

Chọ màu tại nhãn Bộ lọc màu Choose a color at the Color Filter label

Step 5 Check the video again and press "Next" and then click "Post" and your video is done.

Chọn Tiếp, Chọn Đăng là hoàn thành Select Next, Select Post and you're done

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Hope the 5 simple steps to make music on Tik Tok that Bach Khoa XANH shared in the article have been helpful to you. Good luck!

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