Can children watch ASMR videos? Five ASMR youtube channels for kids

With a variety of genres, ASMR videos are now normal to us. But before this trend became globalized and popularized by the internet-savvy generation with their YouTube subscriptions; people would have never thought that kids can enjoy these relaxing animations too!


So can kids watch these ASMR videos and what benefits do they have? What are the 5 ASMR youtube channels for kids? Let Bach Khoa GREEN suggest you.

1 Can children watch ASMR videos?

Videos can be viewed by children if selected and supervised by a parent or adult. Today, YouTube channels are more and more diverse and there are many genres that are not suitable for children, so parents must always be there to help their children choose the right information for them to watch.

 Trẻ em có thể xem video ASMR không?

What are the benefits to children of watching ASMR?

Scientists are just beginning to study ASMR and much of the benefits of ASMR remain a mystery. However, some of the obvious health benefits of ASMR include:

Improve health: The hormone dopamine released from ASMR not only improves psychological well-being but also improves health by improving the digestive system of the baby. (In the digestive system, dopamine reduces gastrointestinal motility and protects the intestinal mucosa).

Improves eating disorders: Along with the release of the hormone dopamine to improve digestion is the sound of eating videos: The sound of chewing, and the sound of food mixing, … will help your baby’s appetite and appetite.

Helps to fall asleep: When listening to ASMR, the relaxing feeling from the effects will help your baby fall asleep more easily. In 2015, 82% of viewers admitted ASMR videos helped them sleep. In 2017, 41% of participants said they watched ASMR videos to help them fall asleep.

Trẻ khỏe mạnh

2 Summary of 5 ASMR youtube channels for kids

WhispersRed Sleepy Children Channel

Number of subscribers: 33,100 (updated 12/29/2020)

From: Anh

Channel: WhispersRed Sleepy Children

Kênh WhispersRed Sleepy Children

This is a youtube channel with evening story-telling videos to help babies fall asleep and sleep better. The background of the videos is black and accompanied by yellow lights, which children can watch before going to bed without harming their eyes.

Channel Tran twins

Kênh Tran twins

Number of subscribers: 619,000 (updated 12/29/2020)

From: America

Channel: Tran twins

Information: The youtube channel of 2 twin girls, and two sisters together make videos about extremely attractive and colorful food reviews. With an extremely simple and close-talking style, it makes it easier for children to access video content.

Channel 55 MAZDA55

Kênh まつだ55 MAZDA55

Number of subscribers: 968,000 (updated 12/29/2020)

From: Japan

Channel:まつだ55 MAZDA55

This is a form of stop-motion, making dishes with toys, very lively and rolling. Lovely witty pictures and sounds, like a cartoon. Children will increase their observation and imagination ability when watching these videos.

ASMRplanet. channel

Kênh ASMRplanet

Number of subscribers: 539,000 (updated 12/29/2020)

From: Anh

Channel: ASMRplanet

These ASMR videos for girls, make-up, and make-up tutorials for dolls are so adorable and shimmering in colors. The make-up products used are those made specifically for children.

Funeral channel特昂糖

Kênh tang特昂糖

Number of subscribers: 208,000 (updated 12/29/2020)

From: Hong Kong

Channel: tang特昂糖

This youtube channel belongs to a little friend in Hong Kong named Duong Duong. Baby food videos are so adorable. Baby eats all kinds of food from fish to delicious. Parents can open these videos for their children to see, which will help them follow and imitate you.

And that’s what Bach Khoa GREEN suggests to you. Parents should consider as well as carefully select useful youtube channels and programs for their children so that they develop as best as possible. Bach Khoa wishes you a nice day.

Enjoy a snack and enjoy a good ASMR video with us!