Detailed instructions on how to post videos on TikTok very fast and super easy

Want to share your moments on Tik Tok but don't know how to do it quickly? Here is a guide on how to post videos on Tik Tok very fast and super easy.


Most of the videos posted on Tik Tok are quite entertaining to help us reduce stress after stressful working and studying hours. Here's how to post an extremely detailed video, stay tuned!

first Quick start Guide

  • Open the Tik Tok application , then press the plus icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Select upload
  • Select the video you want to post and click “Next”
  • Click “Continue”
  • Select Next in the lower right corner
  • Select post

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2 How to upload videos on Tik Tok very fast, super easy

Step 1 Go to your Tik Tok app, then tap the (+) sign at the bottom center of the screen.

Truy cập vào Tik Tok, nhấn vào biểu tượng dấu cộng ở phía dưới màn hình Access Tik Tok, click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen

Step 2 Select the upload button (if you have a video available) or press the red button (if you want to record a new video).

Chọn tải lên nếu có sẵn hoặc quay video mới nếu chưa có video trong máy Choose to upload if available or record a new video if you don't have a video on your device

Step 3 Click on a video you want to upload and then click “ Next

Chọn video mà bạn muốn đăng tải rồi nhấn “ Tiếp” Select the video you want to upload and click “Next”

Step 4 Select the video length that you want to edit by adjusting the red frame . If you want to adjust the video speed, click on the clock icon , rotate the video and press the square icon.

Chọn thời lượng video mà bạn muốn đăng tải Choose the length of the video you want to upload

Step 5 The top right side is the tools for you to adjust the effects of voice, dubbing, mixing music, adding effects, text, voice, … Then select " Next " in the right corner. right.

Sử dụng các công cụ như bộ lọc, hiệu ứng giọng nói, lồng tiếng,.. để chỉnh video tùy thích Use tools like filters, voice effects, voiceovers, .. to edit videos to your liking

Step 6 Here, you can enter a hashtag, state your opinion, tag your friends and select " Describe your video ". Then set the video privacy according to your preferences.

Nhập mô tả, gắn thẻ bạn bè, và cài đặt quyền riêng tư cho video Enter a description, tag friends, and privacy settings for the video

Step 7 Select “ Post ” the video to Tik Tok

Chọn đăng Select post

Above are the entire instructions on how to post Tik Tok videos that Bach Khoa XANH wants to share with you. Hope you will have an easy way to post your videos on Tik Tok!

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