Do you know how much ASMR youtubers earn?

YouTubers about ASMR are gradually gaining the attention of the audience because of their unique and attractive videos. So, let's learn about the huge income of ASMR youtubers with Bach Hoa XANH.


The online phenomenon has become a trend, always sought after and popular to be able to meet the increasing entertainment needs of people. For that reason, 10 youtube channels have created impressive products and helped themselves bring in a huge source of income .

first Linh ASMR

Kênh của Linh ASMR

As one of the famous youtubers, Linh ASMR is known for being the owner of videos about dishes that are cooked in a Vietnamese style , like mother's cooked rice. Especially for seafood, many species of snails, fish, squid, shrimp or other strange ingredients appear in the canal. It is the special taste of the dishes with the close and friendly way of talking that has made Linh ASMR channel popular with many people.

Channel income: 210.11 – 650.39 million/month (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : Linh ASMR channel

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2 ASMR Zeitgeist

Kênh youtube ASMR Zeitgeist

If you are the type of person who likes the sound of materials, ASMR exam is the right choice because Zeitgeist ASMR's youtube channel specializes in the genre of creating new and unique sounds from many different devices. The special thing in his video is that the visual diversity of the sound wave microphone will make an impression on you at first viewing.

Channel income: 343 – 859 million/month (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : ASMR Zeitgeist channel

3 Ting Ting ASMR

Kênh Ting Ting ASMR

An extremely cute girl is interacting with makeup tools, familiar items to create strange but attractive sounds. That is the main content of Ting Ting ASMR channel . Because of the quality of each video she has created, it has brought huge numbers of views and subscriptions.

Channel income: 557 million – 1.72 billion/month . (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : Ting Ting ASMRh channel

4 Sio ASMR

Kênh Sio ASMR

Possessing a super cute appearance and a wide variety of ingredients , from seafood, noodles, fast food, fruit, sweets… are all enough. The common feature that reminds the audience of Sio must be the lovely expressions while eating and the ability to load the body with a huge amount of food . It was these impressive things that helped him become known to many people.

Channel income: 714 million – 2.2 billion/month (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : Sio ASMR channel

5 Gibi ASMR

Kênh Gibi ASMR

Known as a youtube channel with content about actions such as painting, cosplay, makeup videos , … and many other videos with their own emphasis on style . It is that special that Gibi has made a difference in the youtuber market.

Channel income: 1.03 – 3.2 billion/month . (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : Gibi ASMR channel



SAS is known as a channel about ASMR with her videos specializing in food, attractive dishes such as good but exotic dishes with raw seafood, special ingredients , ..All have created a color. separate color for the SAS ASMR channel.

Channel income: 2.22 – 4.32 billion/month . (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : SAS-ASMR channel

7 Jane ASMR

Kênh Jane ASMR

Jane ASMR's YouTube channel is also famous for its content of enjoying sweets of all kinds and colors that are extremely attractive because of the quality of the attractive dishes and the sound of chewing candy or Jane ASMR's cookies that make them happy. we must always watch each video.

Channel income: 6.5 billion/month (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : Jane ASMR channel

8 Zach Choi ASMR

Kênh Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi is known for his good looks , and his content specializes in the food genre and is mainly about fast food . Most famous fast food brands appear in his videos. However, the sound of his eating stimulated everyone's appetite . That has made the channel successful.

Channel income: 2.3 – 7.14 billion/month (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link : Zach Choi channel ASMR

9 Kim&Liz

Kênh Kim&Liz

Kim&Liz's channel is known for specializing in extremely interesting sweet dishes , diverse genres and colors . Desserts or dishes will be beautifully decorated and enjoyed by the channel owner. However, the amount of food that the channel owner feeds in each video is also a part of stimulating viewers

Channel income: 3.6 – 9.49 billion/month (Refer to noxinfluencer page)

Youtube link of Kim&Liz channel

ten Hongyu ASMR

Kênh Hongyu ASMR

With more than 5 million subscribers , Hongyu channel has brought huge numbers of views and likes, because the content on Hongyu ASMR channel has a variety of dishes about sweets and savory dishes , the most popular of which are types of food. Spicy food, seafood is submerged in a red-brown sauce , stimulating viewers right from the first minutes.

Channel income: 5.79 – 10.07 billion/month .

Youtube link : Hongyu ASMR channel

We have just gone through some interesting and attractive videos, so what are you waiting for, let's explore these famous ASMR youtube channels with Bach Hoa XANH.

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