How to use the CarePlix Vitals app to measure blood oxygen levels very conveniently

Today, let's find out how to use the CarePlix Vitals app to measure blood oxygen levels very conveniently.


Do you want to try to measure your own health indicators such as heart rate, and blood oxygen levels, … but can’t afford to go to the hospital to check? In today’s article, BHX will show you how to download and use the Careplix Vitals app to measure SpO2 blood oxygen on your phone.

1 What is blood oxygen concentration?

Blood oxygen concentration, also abbreviated as SpO2, is one of the indicators to measure human health. The SpO2 index indicates the ratio of oxidized hemoglobin to the total amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is a substance found in red blood cells that determines the red color of red blood cells.

A good blood oxygenation index is essential because it provides enough energy for the muscles to work. If the SpO2 value drops below 95%, this is a warning sign of poor blood, also known as a hypoxic blood condition. Studies prove that a SpO2 of 94% or higher is a normal, safe indicator.

Standard SpO2 index scale:

  • SpO2 from 97 – 99%: Good blood oxygen index.
  • SpO2 from 94 – 96%: Average blood oxygen index, need to breathe more oxygen.
  • SpO2 from 90% – 93%: Low blood oxygen index, need to consult the host doctor.
  • SpO2 below 92% without oxygen or less than 95% with oxygen: Signs of very severe respiratory failure.
  • SpO2 less than 90%: Manifestation of a clinical emergency.

Nồng độ oxy trong máu Oxygen concentration in the blood

2 What is CarePlix Vitals?

CarePlix Vitals is one of the most used smartphone applications that support SpO2 measurement today. This App is famous for its ease of use and highly appreciated measurement results for its accuracy.

The CarePlix Vitals app uses photoplethysmography (PPG) technology of light sensors along with artificial intelligence AI to measure blood oxygen changes.

Users just need to put their index finger on the rear camera while completely covering the camera and flashlight, then the app will scan through the camera flashlight for about 30 seconds and then display the blood oxygen level.

Advantages of CarePlix Vitals

  • The application measures important indicators such as your blood oxygen level, heart rate, and even respiration.
  • Ergonomic design, just need a smartphone to use, high accuracy.
  • Does not require any external peripherals to operate.

Ứng dụng CarePlix Vitals CarePlix Vitals app

How to use the CarePlix Vitals app

Step 1 Download the app to your device

To be able to use it, you must first download the CarePlix Vitals application to your device. You can download the application on CH Play or visit here.

Once the download is complete, launch the application. For the first-time user, the application will ask the user for permission to use the camera to measure the user’s SpO2 index. Click the Allow button to continue.

Ứng dụng yêu cầu truy cập camera The app requires camera access

Step 2 Sign up for an account

To use it, you need to register an account by using your email to log into your account.

Đăng ký tài khoản Sign up for an account

Step 3 Carry out measurement

After completing the registration step and logging in to the application’s account, from the main interface of CarePlix Vitals, click Scan Vitals. Then the phone will display an interface instructing how to scan and click Start scan to continue.

After pressing the button, the flash on the smartphone will be on, now the user places his index finger on the camera lens on the back of the smartphone, close to the flash position, and then presses the Proceed button. Then you adjust your finger until the words “Signal strength is good” appear.

Công đoạn tiến hành đo Measurement stage

Step 4 Get and save results

After the measurement is finished, a dialog box appears so that the user can declare in which case he has measured the parameters.

Select Resting if you are measuring while resting, select Standing if you are measuring while standing, select Walking if you are measuring after walking, and Running if you are running.

Then you click Add to vitals history to save the results and monitor regularly.

Kết quả sau khi nhận được Results after receiving

Above are the shares of Bach Khoa Xanh, hope you will discover how to use the CarePlix Vitals app effectively to protect your health.