Summary of 5 best ASMR keyboard typing videos that make you relax the most

ASMR videos are a diverse bunch, and the variety only grows with time. Did you know that typing on your keyboard while watching an ASMR video can help reduce stress? It's true!


Currently there are countless different genres, with many different meanings, but all have the common purpose of bringing joy and entertainment to viewers. So you know ASMR keyboard typing yet? This is also a form of ASMR that makes viewers relax very well.

Let Bach Khoa GREEN suggest you 5 ASMR keyboard typing videos that make you relax the most.

1 Vietnam ASMR | m typing on a smooth keyboard – easy to sleep – View: 3,677

ASMR gõ bàn phím

The first video comes from the channel GAT ASMR – a channel specializing in ASMR videos that help relax and sleep easily such as opening the box of items, typing on the keyboard, collision between objects, …

The ASMR keyboard typing video helps relax, with a gentle, smooth and pleasant typing. The video is about 8 minutes long, enough for you to watch before going to sleep, making it easier for you to fall asleep faster . In addition, you can listen to videos to increase concentration when working as well as studying.

2 ASMR Typewriter Keypad – View: 505.167

ASMR gõ bàn phím

Your videos Reyong ASMR are somewhat more diverse such as: Mukbang, videos of collisions with objects, opening and hiding bottles, … You can choose to watch depending on your personal preferences.

And with the keyboard typing video, the duration is about 17 minutes, the typing method is faster than the first video. The knocking sound will be louder and more vibrant . With this long video format, suitable for those of you who have trouble sleeping, need a long time to fall asleep , this is the most appropriate video to watch before going to sleep.

3 ASMR 15 Keyboards with Fast Typing for Studying & Works – Views: 10.004.338

ASMR gõ bàn phím

The third typing video is from the ASMR PPOMO channel of a girl from Korea , her videos have a lovely and gentle style.

Particularly her ASMR keyboard typing video you can watch to work and study . Increase the focus as well as bring comfort when working. You can also watch to relax after stressful work . The video is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long, divided into many different keyboards, emitting different sounds that are extremely interesting.

4 ASMR 4 Different Keyboards – High Quality Keyboard Sounds – Views: 2,238,555

ASMR gõ bàn phím

The next girl from the United States also brings us a lot of ASMR genres that make you relax from ASMR writing letters to ASMR colliding objects with each other, very gently but extremely comfortable.

In the video typing keyboard with slow, gentle, smooth typing. The knocks are even, giving you a feeling of goosebumps but extremely good. Accompanied by the LED lights of the extremely soft virtual keyboard. If you are a fan of ASMR sounds, you should not miss this clip.

5 ASMR Actually Typing On A Keyboard W Tips Of Nails – Views:1,044,609

ASMR gõ bàn phím

Finally, the keyboard typing video comes from the sweet, cute New Zealand girl ‘s asmr uniy’s channel. Her videos are also very much her style.

This ASMR video is fingernail typing . The sound is different from previous video formats, because this is a form of friction between the nail and the keyboard, so it sounds very catchy . The more you hear the knocking, the more addicted you will become and want to rewind over and over again with these addictive sounds.

And that’s what we want to suggest to you. The sounds of everyday life seem meaningless, but they bring us an interesting spiritual value.

Enjoy a snack and enjoy a good ASMR video with us