Synthesis of beautiful 2022 Tet wallpapers, Full HD for phones and computers

This New Year, together with us, synthesize cute wallpapers, beautiful backgrounds with Full HD quality to celebrate the New Year of the Tiger Spring 2022 for phones and computers!


Tet is coming to spring, have you chosen a lovely, impressive and full of Tet wallpaper for your “love mobile phone” and your computer? If not, then absolutely do not miss the following article. Bach Hoa Xanh will share with you a collection of beautiful, full HD 2022 Tet wallpapers for phones and computers. Follow along!

1 New Year’s wallpaper 2022 for phones

In the midst of the atmosphere filled with joy on New Year’s Day, don’t let your “phone” get “lost” by old, boring wallpapers. Let Bach Khoa GREEN introduce to you a collection of Tet wallpapers for phones that are both cute, impressive and suitable for the atmosphere of Tet 2022.

Hình nền Tết với sắc đỏ may mắn Tet wallpaper with lucky red color

Hình nền thần tài cầu nhiều tài lộc Wallpaper god of fortune prays for a lot of fortune

Nền Tết đáng yêu vô đối Incredibly cute Tet background

Nền Tết hình hổ cho Tết Nhâm Dần Tiger-shaped Tet background for Lunar New Year

Nền Tết hình mèo Thần Tài New Year background in the shape of the God of Fortune cat

Nền Tết với những câu nói vui nhộn Tet background with funny sayings

Nền điện thoại Tết Nhâm Dần 2022 hình hổ Tiger phone background in 2022 Tigers

Nền điện thoại với câu chúc Tết ý nghĩa, may mắn Phone background with meaningful New Year wishes, good luck

Hình nền Happy New Year 2022 cho những bạn thích tiếng Anh Happy New Year 2022 wallpaper for those of you who like English

Hình nền điện thoại với chữ Tết nổi bật ở giữa Phone wallpaper with prominent Tet in the middle

2 New Year’s wallpaper 2022 for computers

Not only your phone, you can also change your desktop wallpaper! Beautiful, lovely Tet wallpapers can give you a feeling of optimism and joy every time you use them, sometimes even bring good luck.

Nền máy tính hình 2022 ghép hổ Computer wallpaper of 2022 with tigers

Hình nền cách điệu hổ và số 2022 Tiger and number stylized wallpaper 2022

Nền Tết hình hổ và hoa dành cho máy tính Tiger and flower New Year background for desktop

Nền Tết 2022 đơn giản, đáng yêu Simple and lovely 2022 Tet background

Nền máy tính chủ đề Tết Nhâm Dần Lunar New Year theme desktop background

Hình nền Chúc Mừng Năm Mới 2022 cho máy tính Happy New Year Wallpaper 2022 for desktop

Nền Tết hồng nhạt nhẹ nhàng, đẹp mắt Light and beautiful light pink Tet background

Hình nền số 2022 đơn giản với sắc đỏ may mắn cho máy tính Simple 2022 number wallpaper with lucky red color for computers

Hình nền Tết 2022 với hình hổ ở giữa hổ New Year’s wallpaper 2022 with a tiger in the middle of the tiger

Hình nền máy tính chữ Tết New Year computer wallpaper

3 Instructions on how to change the wallpaper on phones and computers

How to change the wallpaper on your phone

Change iPhone wallpaper

Step 1 Go to the Settings application, find and select the item Wallpaper (Wallpaper).

Vào Cài đặt và chọn Hình nền Go to Settings and select Wallpaper

Step 2 Click and select Select a new wallpaper (Choose New Wallpaper) and select the item that matches the image you want to change. You can select Dynamic for live wallpapers, Still for still images, or images already stored in the phone memory.

Chọn Hình nền mới rồi chọn Động hoặc Tĩnh Select New Wallpaper and then choose Dynamic or Static

Step 3 Select the photo you want to change, and then select the Set item.

Chọn Ảnh và chọn Thiết lập Select Photos and select Settings

Step 4 Select the type of wallpaper you want to change, phone wallpaper (Home Screen) , lock screen (Lock Screen) or both.

Chọn loại hình nền muốn đổi Select the type of wallpaper you want to change

Change Android phone wallpaper

Step 1 On your phone’s home screen, tap and hold a spot in an empty space. Or you can also swipe 2 fingers together . When the screen shows the function selection table, select the item Wallpaper (Wallpaper).

Bấm giữ màn hình để hiện bảng chức năng và chọn Hình nền Press and hold the screen to display the function panel and select Wallpaper

Step 2 Go to the image management interface with items containing images you can use to set as wallpaper, select your favorite image.

Chọn ảnh bạn muốn đổi Select the photo you want to change

Step 3 Select Apply and select the type of wallpaper you want to change. The phone will display 3 options: Home screen, standby screen or both.

Chọn Áp dụng và chọn loại hình nền muốn đổi Select Apply and choose the type of wallpaper you want to change

How to change the wallpaper on your computer

How to change the wallpaper on Windows 10 computers

Các bước thay hình nền trên máy tính Windows 10 Steps to change the wallpaper on Windows 10 computers

Step 1 Go to Settings and select Personalization.

Step 2 Select the Background you want and choose one of the three given items, including: Available photos on Windows (Picture), monochrome wallpapers with colors of the Windows 10 color palette (Solid Color) or background images shown in succession ( Slideshow) . You can also select nothing and skip to step 3.

Step 3 Go to Background → choose Picture → choose Choose your picture → Select Browse to download the desired background image.

Step 4 Go to the Choose a fit section, select Fit so that the device aligns the image to the appropriate ratio and size to the screen.

How to change desktop wallpaper Windows 7 and Windows 8

Các bước đổi hình nền trên máy tính Windows 7,8 Steps to change the wallpaper on Windows 7.8 computers

Step 1 Right click on the main screen, select Personalization .

Step 2 Select Desktop Background.

Step 3 Click on Picture location and select an image available in Windows 7, 8 or go to Browse to select an image from your picture folder. You can select one or more images. When selecting multiple images, your background image will be switched to slideshow mode.

Step 4 Choose wallpaper-related modes such as Pictures position (adjust the display of the picture), Change picture every (specify the time to change between the selected wallpapers, from 10 seconds to 1 day),… You can skip this step if you want.

Step 5 Select Save changes and exit to check.

How to change the MacOS desktop wallpaper

Các bước đổi hình nền trên máy tính MacOS Steps to change wallpaper on MacOS computers

Step 1 Go to the Apple Menu and then select System Preferences.

Step 2 Select Desktop & Screen Saver.

Step 3 Choose your favorite background image from the given categories: Desktop Pictures (images available on Apple), Solid Colors (monochrome images), Photos (photos stored in your iCloud), Folder (images downloaded by default on MacOS ).

Step 4 Select the (+) sign below to automatically change the wallpaper over time. You can choose Change Picture (changed automatically according to the installation time) or Random order (changed randomly).

Step 5 Close the System Preferences window and check if the image has been changed to your liking.

So, we have introduced to you a collection of beautiful and impressive wallpapers for phones and computers on the occasion of the Tiger New Year 2022. Have you chosen the right wallpaper for you yet? Which picture is that? Please share with us to know! Thank you for watching and see you in the next post.