Synthesize super cool ASMR videos with layering sounds to help you relax

The invited guest has been so pumped up by the ASMR video that he/she can't resist showing it off. Watch as this person exhibits all of its hilarious and entertaining qualities, while also providing some insight into what could be considered an "ASMR experience."


A sound stack is a combination of 2 or more sounds at the same time to give listeners a new, pleasant, and relaxing feeling. Let’s synthesize 5 ASMR videos with super cool layer sound!

1 Layered Sounds for Relaxation & Sleep (Views: 3,685,270)

Is a clip of the channel “Gibi ASMR” specializing in ASMR videos with hundreds of thousands of views. This is a clip of about 21 minutes long that synthesizes two layers of sound at the same time whispers and palm rubs, the sound of touching the air, the sound of rubbing on a plastic box, the sound of rubbing on a glass jar… Helps you feel relaxed and easy to fall asleep

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2 ASMR Intense Ear Relaxation (Views: 3,342,189)

ASMR Intense Ear Relaxation

This is a video from the channel “ASMR glow” specializing in ASMR videos with 1.36 million subscribers. The nearly 40-minute video is a combination of whispering sounds from the voice and the sound of hands touching the air gently but creating an extremely pleasant and smooth sound layer for listeners. The video is said to be very suitable for those who want to relax their nerves, when it comes to ASMR, you can’t ignore this video.

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3 DEEP Ear Relaxation ASMR Inaudible Whispers Layered (Views: 2,734,907)

DEEP Ear Relaxation ASMR Inaudible Whispers Layered

The video of the beautiful channel owner called “Gentle Whispering ASMR” has 1.99 million subscribers, this video is the #1 suggestion for those who have insomnia, throughout the video is a whisper combined with the sound of touching. microphone feathers. It sounds simple, but the sound it makes is very pleasant, helping you to fall asleep easily

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4 ASMR Layered Mouth Sounds & Trigger Words (Views: 226,752 views)

ASMR Layered Mouth Sounds & Trigger Words

A video from the fastASMR channel has 560 thousand subscribers, the video has ASMR audio faster than the videos I introduced above. The sound created from the mouth is stacked on top of each other, exploding the feeling of itching, and tingling. The video is suitable to listen to when you work.

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5 ASMR Vietnam | Layered ASMR | Sounds that help you fall asleep (Views: 63,046 views)

ASMR Vietnam | Layered ASMR | Những âm thanh giúp bạn dễ ngủ

Finally, a video of a Vietnamese channel owner “Bò ASMR”, the current channel subscription is 10 thousand but this Layered ASMR video is a video not to be missed. Video is a combination of two layers of sound: tinkle and tapping sound, tinsel, and microphone brushing. Simple ways to create very pleasant sounds make you relax and sleep easier.

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We have just reviewed 5 very cool ASMR videos with layering sound to help you relax more during stressful working and studying hours. Hope the article will help you have more choices for your ASMR genre!