What is Mukbang ASMR? Why are young people so addicted to watching Mukbang videos?

It is not difficult for you to come across Mukbang ASMR content on social networking platforms. What is this "weird" trend that young people love to sit and watch all day?


The Mukbang ASMR is now becoming a trend not only in Korea, but they have spread all over the world. This content makes many people feel “enjoyed” and it’s easy for you to spend hours watching them! So what exactly are these videos that make your scalp tingle?
The name itself suggests “mock” or ‘mook’ which means food dish; however, there can be some other elements involved too like cooking tutorials with tips on how best to prepare certain dishes.”

Mukbang ASMR là gì?

What is Mukbang ASMR?

The Mukbang is a hybrid between ASMR and the original Muk. It all started when people paid more attention to what they were eating rather than just listening in anticipation of something interesting or entertaining; thus, it became known as “Muk-BAK” (the pronunciation). Nowadays there are many different types of content creators who have taken this trend into their own hands while still staying true to its core values: tasty food!

Food that makes stimulating sounds when eaten is what’s used in this experiment. This can be anything from fish and seafood to other types of food the operator likes, as long it has an interesting texture or shape!

Mukbang ASMR được nhiều người hứng thú Mukbang ASMR is enjoyed by many people

Why are young people so addicted to watching Mukbang videos?

The way a BJ speaks and their appearance is key in attracting viewers. Cute or attractive talking bobos will have more young fans of your channel than if they were boring, straightforward people with nothing interesting to say!

Second, this is where the audience can ask questions and get answers from a real live person. BJ will answer any question that they think might be interesting or important for their viewers! This makes them feel more connected with those watching which really turns out great in terms of viewer retention rate as well because now people have something worth looking forward to at least once per week–the videos themselves provide content without having another news station interrupting what would otherwise just be filler material until next time you log on after work

The videos of Mukbang ASMR are popular because they provide a sense of comfort and relaxation while listening to BJ’s chewing. For some, seeing food laid out on the table can be exciting when it suggests there will soon be an ample meal available for them too!

There are many benefits to watching ASMR-related content, and it can help viewers feel relaxed. The scientific journal PLoS One published a study in 2018 which found that the experience is also beneficial for mental health issues such as anxiety or depression because of its relaxing qualities

Có rất nhiều yếu tố khiến cho giới trẻ nghiện xem thể loại video này People are always looking for new ways to relax, and if it’s through video content then Mukbang or ASMR videos should be at the top of your list. These short yet stimulating pieces show young people doing something simple like eating food while talking about how enjoyable they find eating in general – which may sound boring on paper but definitely isn’t when you watch one! There is also plenty here that could provide an interesting study abroad opportunity; after all, there’s not much we know about dieting from watching other people’s lives online…