Who is Dana ASMR? Summary of Dana ASMR's 10 most viewed ASMR videos

There are many youtubers with a large following and famous for their ASMR content and among them is Dana ASMR, an ASMR artist from Korea. Let's learn about the artist Dana ASMR with Bach Hoa GREEN. And why is she so popular?


The trend (reaction to independent sensory orgasm) is a trend among young people on the YouTube channel. With sounds from everyday objects can help relieve the pressures of life. If you are a fan of this genre then you will probably follow some youtubers and among them will be Dana ASMR..

So who is Dana ASMR?

Daham Park, aka Dana ASMR, is a Korean ASMR Youtuber with a wide range of video content with many ASMR triggers, such as drinking or grunting sounds, whispering and playing with slime.

Vậy Dana ASMR là ai?

Dana ASMR joined the ASMR community on youtube on July 20, 2020 and has quite a bit of history with more than 600,000 subscribers to her channel and 256 videos with Korean and English subtitles .

Summary of Dana ASMR's 10 most viewed ASMR videos

ASMR Ear Cleaning l Friend (Views: 9,802,589)

The video on Daham Park uses instruments to create stimulating sounds.

ASMR Lipstick ShowandTell + Application Chu (Views: 9,369,601)

Tạo âm thanh với son môi

In this video, she uses lipstick to create sound, the idea is quite new and especially the sound is extremely pleasant when you feel tired.

ASMR 8 Triggers to Help you SLEEP (Views: 8,533,256)

Triggers to Help you SLEEP

Dana uses 8 types of tools such as eyebrow brush, rubber, leather wallet, or slime to create soothing, stimulating sounds to help ease sleep.

ASMR Annual Checkup Robot Mechanic (Views: 7,568,578)


Dana uses mechanical tools such as wrenches, hand saws or pliers to create the AMSR sound.

ASMR 40 Different Unique and Various Slimes (Views:7,047,391)

ASMR 40 Different Unique and Various Slime

In the video, she uses slime to make different sounds to help excite and relieve fatigue.



In this video, Dana uses tools such as essential oil vaporizers, powder brushes, feathers to create ASMR…

ASMR Lipstick show and tell + swatches (Views: 5,478.823)

ASMR Lipstick show and tell + swatches

Dana uses lipsticks to create vibrating sounds, which are quite catchy and ticklish.

ASMR Chicken Eating Sound + Talking (Views: 5,127,600)

ASMR Chicken Eating Sound + Talking

A video that makes viewers crave for Dana's slurping sound when she eats chicken, the video forbids specifying who is hungry but listening to it will be even more hungry.

ASMR A to Z Trigger Sounds(Various Tapping) AZ 26 (Views: 5,478.823)

ASMR A to Z Trigger Sounds

Dana uses familiar tools from toys to even the kitchen stove to create eye-catching sounds.

ASMR Intense Mouth Sounds (Views: 5,478.823)

ASMR Intense Mouth Sounds

The last video is the most delicious clip, the sound coming out of the mouth must be new for those who hear it for the first time, from the breathing sound to the biting lips sounds very strange, Dana uses the microphone and uses her mouth to create different frequencies. number of sounds that vibrate the soul.

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