Youtuber gives massage instructions to help U40 skin look like it's only 20

Usually, to keep youthful and healthy skin, in addition to skincare with skin care products, lifting massage is also an enormously effective measure. Follow the Youtuber for instructions on combining face wash with massage to help U40 skin look like it's only 20!


We women always want to own skin that is less wrinkled, healthy, and forever young, right? However, other interventions will not be as good as hard skincare and face lifting massage. Along with discovering great massage techniques to help U40 skin look as young as 20 with Pony – Makeup Witch!

Steps of facial lifting massage with Pony

Warm up the neck area

Khởi động vùng cổ Warm up the neck area

To relieve all-day pressure on your neck area, you should warm up the shoulders and neck. The blood vessels on the collarbone also have better circulation. Warming up the neck area helps dispel fatigue and aches when you have to work in one place for a long time during the day.

Forehead massage

Massage ở vùng trán sẽ giúp cho bạn giảm đi những căng thẳng Massage in the forehead area will help you reduce stress

After you apply the cleanser/massage cream to your entire face, gently pinch your fingertips together and then apply pressure on the back of your hand from the brow to the hairline.

Massage in the forehead area will help you reduce stress, improve concentration and no longer have headaches.

Eyebrow arch massage

Massage cung chân mày Eyebrow arch massage

To massage this part, use your middle and index fingers to gently massage from the center of your forehead, go through your eyebrows and then go around your eyes. Note the slight pressure in places with important acupoints such as between the eyebrows and the temples. This massage step will help you reduce stress, reduce fatigue, and immerse yourself in relaxation.

Eye massage

Massage mắt giải stress, chống nhăn mí và giảm nếp nhăn hiệu quả Eye massage relieves stress, anti-wrinkle eyelids, and effectively reduces wrinkles

Make a fist and use the back of your thumb to press into the eye socket gently. In turn, press and press your hands along the eyebrow line and then pull the eyebrow up and hold for a few seconds. Repeat until the end of the eyebrows to relieve stress on the eyes, anti-wrinkle eyelids, and reduce wrinkles effectively.

Smile groove massage

Massage rãnh cười Smile groove massage

Smile lines are often active, so the fastest aging in the face. You pinch your hands together and then press your index finger into the smile line to remove wrinkles. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat 2-3 times. This step will help you stretch the skin in the smile line, remove wrinkles, and help them be more vibrant.

Massage the skin around the mouth

Massage vùng da quanh miệng Massage the skin around the mouth

Using your ring finger and middle finger , massage the skin around your mouth. Use increasing force at the chin and lips, then press out to the edges and to the middle. Do it about 2-3 times. This move will dispel the sagging at the corners of the mouth and erase the traces of the smile groove left behind.

Nose corner massage

Massage khoé mũi Nose corner massage

Use the force of your fingertips to continue massaging the corner of your nose. Just gently use your hand to gently rub from the tip of the nose up to remove excess oil and dirt. The excess oil creates many blackheads here, so you should massage it thoroughly. This massage technique will help remove excess oil, the skin also helps to reduce acne.

Cheek massage

Massage vùng má Cheek massage

You clenched your fist and stroked it from your chin to your cheekbone. Use the force of the dorsal part of the finger to press the cheek areas in a zigzag pattern. After all the movements, pull the ring under your chin. This massage will help lift your cheek muscles, making you look younger and more radiant.

Jaw contour massage

Massage đường viền hàm Jaw contour massage

You just need to turn your head to one side, put your hand in turn, press along the jawline, and then pull from the chin to the ear to help the face slimmer.

Finally, use a warm towel to wipe off the massage cream or rinse the cleanser with water and continue with the skincare steps as usual. However, note that if you choose a facial cleanser to massage, you should use a low-foam cleanser, so that the skin does not dry out when you massage for too long.

2 About Pony – The makeup wizard of kimchi

If you are a girl who loves makeup, surely you are no stranger to Pony Makeup, right? It is no coincidence that she is known as a makeup witch, Pony possesses the ability to transform with unpredictable makeup styles that captivate the viewer.

She is now over 31 years old, but looking at her bare skin, you must be jealous. Smooth, bright, and flawless skin with harmonious and delicate lines added to create an extremely beautiful face. Pony once shared her skincare process, which is also full of steps. such as, washing your face clean, detoxing your skin with green tea powder, applying skincare, and using.

Pony - Phù thuỷ makeup xứ kim chi Pony – The makeup witch of kimchi

However, in order to keep the skin young and smooth, she also shared that every week she will combine facial lifting massage 2-3 times within 3-4 minutes with facial cleanser. Let’s immediately perform the above massage recipes to get a youthful face that is never old like Pony!

With just at home, you can own blemish-free, white, and youthful skin. What are you waiting for, do not do it right away!