Youtuber Provides Tips to Achieve 20-Year-Old Skin for the Over-40s

Are you looking to keep youthful and healthy skin? Then look no further! Learn how to combine face wash with massage from a popular Youtuber to help U40 skin appear brighter and more youthful!


As women, we all desire to have youthful, healthy, and wrinkle-free skin, right? While there are various interventions available, none are as effective as proper skincare and facial lifting massage techniques. And that’s where Pony – the Makeup Witch comes in. She shares amazing massage techniques that can make U40 skin look as young as 20!

First Steps of Facial Lifting Massage with Pony

Warm up the Neck Area

Warm up the neck area Warm up the neck area

To relieve the pressure on your neck area, it is important to warm up the shoulders and neck. This improves blood circulation in the collarbone area and helps alleviate fatigue and aches from prolonged sitting or working in one place.

Forehead Massage

Massage in the forehead area will help you reduce stress Massage in the forehead area will help you reduce stress

After applying cleanser or massage cream to your face, gently pinch your fingertips together and apply pressure from the brow to the hairline. This forehead massage technique helps reduce stress, improve concentration, and alleviate headaches.

Eyebrow Arch Massage

Eyebrow arch massage Eyebrow arch massage

To massage the eyebrow arch, use your middle and index fingers to gently massage from the center of your forehead, through your eyebrows, and around your eyes. Apply slight pressure on acupuncture points like the area between the eyebrows and temples. This massage technique helps reduce stress, fatigue, and promotes relaxation.

Eye Massage

Eye massage relieves stress, anti-wrinkle eyelids and effectively reduces wrinkles Eye massage relieves stress, anti-wrinkle eyelids and effectively reduces wrinkles

Make a fist and use the back of your thumb to gently press into the eye socket. Press and slide your hands along the eyebrow line, pulling the eyebrows up and holding for a few seconds. Repeat this technique to relieve stress, reduce wrinkles, and prevent aging around the eyes.

Smile Groove Massage

Smile groove massage Smile groove massage

To massage the smile groove, pinch your hands together and press your index finger into the smile lines to remove wrinkles. Hold for a few seconds and repeat 2-3 times. This massage helps stretch and rejuvenate the skin in the smile lines.

Massage the Skin around the Mouth

Massage the skin around the mouth Massage the skin around the mouth

Using your ring finger and middle finger, massage the skin around your mouth. Apply increasing pressure at the chin and lips, moving outwards and towards the center. Repeat 2-3 times to lift sagging corners of the mouth and eliminate smile lines.

Nose Corner Massage

Nose corner massage Nose corner massage

Use your fingertips to massage the corner of your nose. Gently rub from the tip of the nose upwards to remove excess oil and dirt. This massage technique helps remove excess oil and reduce acne on the nose area.

Cheek Massage

Cheek massage Cheek massage

Clench your fist and stroke it from your chin to your cheekbone. Use the back of your finger to press the cheek area in a zigzag pattern. Finish by pulling the skin under your chin. This massage technique lifts the cheek muscles for a younger and more radiant look.

Jaw Contour Massage

Jaw contour massage Jaw contour massage

Turn your head to one side and press along the jawline, then pull from the chin to the ear for a slimming effect. This massage technique helps create a more defined jawline.

Finally, use a warm towel to remove the massage cream or rinse off the cleanser with water. Follow up with your regular skincare routine. If using a facial cleanser for massage, opt for a low-foam cleanser to prevent drying out the skin.

2 About Pony – The Makeup Wizard of Kimchi

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of Pony Makeup. Known as a makeup witch, Pony has the ability to create mesmerizing and transformative makeup looks that captivate viewers.

Despite being over 31 years old, Pony’s bare skin is envy-inducing. She boasts smooth, bright, and flawless skin with delicate yet harmonious lines, resulting in a stunningly beautiful face. Pony has shared her skincare process, which includes a comprehensive routine involving facial cleansing, skin detoxification with green tea powder, skincare application, and facial lifting massage 2-3 times a week for 3-4 minutes each time.

Pony - The makeup witch of kimchi Pony – The makeup witch of kimchi

To maintain youthful and smooth skin, Pony recommends combining facial lifting massage with facial cleanser 2-3 times a week for 3-4 minutes each session. So, why not try these massage techniques and achieve a forever young face like Pony?

You can now achieve flawless, white, and youthful skin from the comfort of your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Start today!

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