10+ Gifts to Express Love and Appreciation on Mother’s Day: October 20th

Today is Vietnam Women's Day - let us celebrate the special women in our lives! Let us honor them with acts of kindness and love! To make this day even more meaningful, why not spoil them with these delightful presents that are sure to make them smile.



Massage Chair

Taking care of one’s health is of utmost importance, especially for the elderly. To help your mother relax and alleviate the usual aches and pains that come with age, consider gifting her a massage chair.

Massage Chair Airbike Sports MK-337

A great gift for mothers.



A treadmill is a versatile fitness device suitable for people of all ages. It provides convenience for users who may not have enough time or prefer not to exercise outdoors. Enhance your mother’s health by gifting her a treadmill!

Attractive and convenient design.


Exercise Bike at Home

If running or walking at home feels monotonous, consider gifting your mother an exercise bike. These bikes have specialized designs for the elderly and will help her maintain physical fitness at any age.

Aguri AGS-211 Exercise Bike has attractive design and many convenient features

Attractive design and many convenient features


Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor is an essential device for middle-aged people as they are more prone to blood pressure problems with age. To monitor your mother’s health condition regularly and prevent diseases in a timely manner, gift her a blood pressure monitor.

Yuwell YE8600A wrist electronic blood pressure monitor

A necessary device for the elderly


Foot Bath Tub

Soaking feet in hot water has numerous health benefits for people of all ages. To promote a good night’s sleep and relax the body, gift your mother a foot bath tub on Women’s Day.

Rio FTBH9 foot steam bath tub operates with safe ultrasonic hot water fumigation technology, environmentally friendly

Operates with safe ultrasonic hot water fumigation technology, environmentally friendly


Electric Toothbrush

Although some may consider an electric toothbrush unnecessary due to its high price, it provides more thorough teeth cleaning compared to a regular toothbrush. As strength weakens with age, an electric toothbrush becomes an effective tool for maintaining oral health in the elderly. Consider gifting your mother this extremely useful toothbrush!

Flyco FT7105VN electric toothbrush with Dupont bristles that are round and smooth, 3D wavy bristle head that flexibly bends

With Dupont bristles that are round and smooth, 3D wavy bristle head that flexibly bends


Home Appliances

A convenient kitchen gift will surely bring joy to every mother who takes care of meals and the family’s health. Consider buying modern kitchen appliances such as air fryers, blenders, multi-cookers, electric kettles, or refrigerators.

Kangaroo KG12AF1A air fryer is a multifunctional product

A multifunctional product



A watch not only serves as a fashion accessory but also helps monitor a person’s health. Depending on your mother’s preferences and needs, consider gifting her a watch on Women’s Day.

  • If you want to enhance her glamorous beauty and add a touch of complexity, consider choosing .
  • If health and convenience are important, a watch will be a wonderful gift. It allows users to view messages, calls, notifications from various apps, training data, and health indicators in a visually appealing way.

Casio LTP-V006D-7B2UDF Ladies 25mm Watch is an ideal fashion accessory from the famous Casio watch brand of Japan

An ideal fashion accessory from the famous Casio watch brand of Japan


New Outfits

Amidst their busy lives managing family and work, some women tend to forget about their own beauty. On this special day, gift your mother some new clothes, dresses, or gowns to make her happier!

Give your mother a beautiful set of clothes


Resort Vacation

A vacation may seem luxurious due to the fast-paced and busy life, but allocating some time, at least 1 day, to take your mother on a resort vacation will provide much-needed relaxation.

Give your mother a meaningful travel trip


A Cozy Family Meal

A meal may seem simple, but for mothers with a “homesick stomach,” a cozy meal holds great meaning. Visit your mother and prepare a warm meal to make her feel loved and appreciated.

Make your mother a warm meal

These are some meaningful gift ideas for mothers on October 20. Feel free to refer to them and leave a comment if you have any questions!

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