10 Surprising Benefits of Food Wrapping Film That Everyone Should Know

Almost every household has a food wrap box, but many people do not know that it has more uses than just wrapping food.


1. Keeping bananas fresh

To help keep unripe bananas fresh and prevent the skin from turning brown, simply use plastic wrap to wrap around the stem of the banana. By doing this, the bananas will stay fresh and delicious just like when you first bought them.

2. Enhancing skincare effectiveness

The effectiveness of a skincare mask can be enhanced by using plastic wrap to cover the layer of cream after application.

3. Avoid spilling liquid in a cup

If you have children at home, you can use plastic wrap to cover the mouth of a cup, then insert a straw through it for your child to drink from. This way, your child won’t be able to spill any liquid while drinking.

4. Creative joy

Plastic wrap is a wonderful tool for children to explore painting without getting their hands dirty. Put some paint on a piece of cardboard, wrap it with plastic wrap. Children can use their imagination to create their own artworks.

5. Fly trap

Cut some fruits into small pieces, put them in a bowl, then cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Use a knife to make a small opening on the surface of the plastic wrap. Flies will be attracted to the fruit, fly into the bowl, and won’t be able to fly back out.

6. Keeping flowers fresh

If you buy flowers but can’t arrange them immediately, wrap the stem of the flowers in a moist paper towel or fabric, then wrap it with a layer of plastic wrap. This way, your flower bouquet will stay fresh much longer.

7. Easier moving

Use plastic wrap to secure items with multiple components, such as a tray of dinnerware or a storage box with a lid. This way, the parts of the item won’t fall out into separate pieces, and you won’t waste time searching for the remaining pieces.

8. Perfect boiled eggs

Spread plastic wrap on a plate, brush a little cooking oil on the plastic wrap, then crack an egg onto the plate and roll it up in the plastic wrap. Then, simply place it in boiling water for 2 minutes.

9. Protecting toiletries while traveling

To prevent your shampoo or shower gel bottles from leaking in your suitcase during travel, open the bottle cap, wrap a layer of plastic wrap around the mouth of the bottle, and then close the cap.

10. Indoor greenhouse

To help seeds sprout and grow faster, you can use plastic wrap to cover the plant pot after watering. This helps retain moisture in the soil, creating a favorable environment for plant growth.

Source: Dân Trí