10 Ways to Determine if an iPhone is Genuine or Fake

Are you planning to purchase an iPhone but unsure how to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit products? This article will provide you with a guide on how to check for authenticity.


iPhone is a popular choice of many Vietnamese consumers, however, there are counterfeit iPhones appearing on the market. If you don’t know how to distinguish them, you may end up buying fake and poor-quality products.

You need to know how to check and detect genuine iPhones to make sure you are buying the right products. The following article will provide you with some effective ways.

10 ways to detect whether an iPhone is genuine or fake-1
10 effective ways to detect whether an iPhone is genuine or fake (Illustration).

1. Check the box

The box that contains the iPhone is beautiful, standard, tidy on the outside, and still sealed, and the edges of the box are not dented. The user manual of genuine iPhones is well-designed, with clear and sharp text and images.

On the other hand, counterfeit iPhone boxes often have rough text and images, with blurred text, and if you look closely, you can find some careless spots.

When opening an iPhone box, pay attention to the clear arrangement of the products inside, and each accessory is sealed and carefully wrapped.

2. Check the IMEI number

Each phone, not just iPhones, has its own IMEI number. To view the IMEI number, you can go to the introduction section of the phone, and then compare the IMEI number with the IMEI number printed on the back of the phone and on the box.

3. Try connecting to iTunes

If an iPhone is fake, it won’t be able to run the iOS operating system (although the interface may resemble iOS). Therefore, connecting the iPhone to iTunes on a computer can determine whether it is fake or not. If it is a genuine iPhone, the connection symbol of the phone will appear in the upper right corner of iTunes.

4. Check the activation

iPhones need activation to be used normally. Therefore, to check whether an iPhone is genuine or not, restore the factory settings (if it is a completely new iPhone, still sealed, just turn it on) and see if the activation interface appears. If there is no need for activation, it is fake.

5. Check the Touch ID

Touch ID is only available on iPhones from 5S and later versions, the previous versions do not have it. You can observe the device from the outside, if there is a difference in color between the Home button and the front surface, it is genuine. In addition, you can test using the Touch ID to lock and unlock the phone, if it is fake, it won’t work.

6. Observe the sensor cluster

Genuine iPhones have only 2 small round holes on the screen, but many counterfeit versions are still designed in the style of Android phones with rectangular sensors or more than 2 sensors placed on the front surface. You can easily differentiate them from fake iPhones.

7. Check the buttons

Buttons on genuine iPhones are meticulously designed, with clear and distinct lines. When pressed, you can hear a crisp sound, indicating that the buttons are well-made and secure, not loose like fake and poor-quality products.

8. Check the camera

You can easily recognize genuine iPhones by the camera, which is level with the body, and the camera is surrounded by a metal ring, giving it a premium look. On the contrary, the camera of fake iPhones is entirely made of plastic, recessed, and the camera lens is not transparent, resulting in poor camera quality.

9. Pricing

Counterfeit iPhones are usually much cheaper than genuine ones. When buying a phone, it is best to check the price carefully, do not be tempted by low prices and end up buying fake products.

10. Check genuine and fake iPhones with specialized software

In addition to the visual methods mentioned above, you can also check whether an iPhone is genuine or fake using specialized software such as 3uTools. However, if you are not proficient in this area, it can be difficult to test the phone.

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