13 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Teachers on November 20th

Celebrate Vietnamese Teachers' Day today by expressing your appreciation to the educators in your life with a meaningful gift! Here are 12 ideas to get you started on choosing the perfect present.


1 Watch

Time is of great importance for teachers, making a watch a special and meaningful gift for them on this occasion.

Elegant wristwatches can make teachers feel confident and stylish when they go out. Moreover, during their teaching duties, a watch can support teachers in managing their time effectively, ensuring they don’t miss any lesson plans or arrive late for class.


A watch is a suitable gift for this November 20th occasion

2 Jewelry

Jewelry accessories add a touch of elegance to teachers, making them a special gift option.

Appropriate jewelry can enhance teachers’ elegance during their teaching hours. Depending on the teacher’s age and personality, you can choose suitable materials and colors to increase the value of the gift.



As teachers, they need to store many important things such as research documents or important lessons to pass on to students. Therefore, a storage device like a USB can be a practical and meaningful gift for them.

This is a relatively affordable gift, suitable for students’ pockets, and easy to purchase. Learning about the appropriate capacity of a USB will help you choose the right one for teachers to store important and necessary information for their teaching.


A USB with the appropriate capacity will be a very meaningful gift on this special occasion

4 Healthcare devices

The health of teachers should be a top priority, and healthcare devices from us can be a practical and meaningful gift option. These devices are affordable and come with attractive promotional programs, making it easy for you to choose a suitable gift.

When receiving these gifts chosen by their beloved students, teachers will feel happy and appreciated.

Massage machine

A massage machine will be the perfect choice as a gift for your teachers

5 Tea set

A tea set is a meaningful and beautiful gift that you should consider when buying gifts for your teachers. It is not only a necessary item in every household but also a classy decoration.

High-quality porcelain tea sets not only allow teachers to enjoy refreshing tea after stressful lesson planning hours, but also symbolize blessings for the warmth and enduring happiness of their homes.

Tea set

An extremely luxurious tea set will be a very meaningful gift to give to your teachers.

6 Clothing

Clothing is a popular gift choice for teachers on important occasions.

For female teachers, you can choose patterned or silk fabrics with bright colors and elegant patterns to make them feel more confident and graceful when going to school.

Silk fabric

For male teachers, you can choose patterned or plain-colored shirt fabrics to make them look more elegant and confident when standing in front of the class.


7 Thermal cup

A thermal cup is a suitable gift for teachers. With the nature of their work involving continuous speaking to deliver knowledge to students, drinking warm water can protect their health.

Thermal cups with high applicability are a meaningful, intimate, and practical gift that helps teachers easily carry them during teaching, traveling, or going out.

Delites TH5002 500ml stainless steel thermal cup

A compact and convenient thermal cup will be one of the top choices for this November 20th

8Set of dishes

A set of dishes serves the purpose of eating and can also help enhance the luxurious ambiance of the kitchen, making it a special gift option for teachers.

12-piece Bát Tràng UNC DS610 green lotus porcelain bowl set

A set of dishes with exquisite design will be a perfect gift option.

9 Perfume

Perfume is a meaningful gift that many people choose nowadays. Its gentle fragrance can make teachers feel comfortable and pleasant. Moreover, modern perfume bottles are produced with attractive and sophisticated designs, adding value to the gift.


10 Foot soaking tub

A foot soaking tub is a special and meaningful gift that helps take good care of teachers’ health. This product can relax and take care of the feet and the whole body, providing a positive solution for teachers’ health after a day of teaching.

Lanaform LA110415 foot massage basin

A foot soaking tub will be a valuable and meaningful gift for your teachers.

11 Super fast kettle

A super fast kettle is an essential appliance for every household due to its safety and convenience. There are various models of super fast kettles available at affordable prices, making them suitable gifts for this special occasion.

Delites TH5002 1.8-liter super fast kettle

A super fast kettle with affordable prices will be a great gift for your beloved teachers.

12 Skin care products

Teachers are regularly exposed to dust and have to stay up late for studying and lesson planning, especially during exam seasons. This greatly impacts their health, particularly their skin. That’s why a set of skin care products like facial cleansers, shower gels, and sunscreens can be a lifesaver to help teachers maintain their youthfulness and confidence.

This seemingly simple gift reflects the thoughtfulness of the giver, as they have to research and understand the recipient carefully to choose suitable products.

Skin care products

Skin care products are a meaningful gift for this occasion

The article has suggested 12 beautiful and meaningful end-of-school-year gifts for teachers. We wish you a satisfactory choice!

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