15+ Personality-Filled and Thoughtful Reunion Gifts

Everyone looks forward to their class reunions, a time for treasured memories to be relived and shared among past friends. To show your appreciation to those with whom you shared your youth, a thoughtful class reunion gift will bring everyone even closer together. Let's explore some of the most meaningful gifts to give at your next class reunion.


Gift Ideas for Groups During Class Reunions

Gifts for groups during class reunions are not only necessary but also meaningful. They help everyone feel the love and affection the class has for each other and remind them of the happy and sad memories of the past. Here are some gift ideas for groups that you can consider:

Class reunion

Thermal Bottle

A thermal bottle is a suitable and meaningful gift for a group. It is cost-effective and can remind everyone of their classmates while keeping their water temperature for a long time.

Thermal bottle gift

Memorial Medal

A memorial medal is a unique, elegant, and meaningful gift for classmates. It serves as a reminder of the nostalgic school days and makes the class reunion more solemn and meaningful.

Memorial medal


A pen is a simple but elegant gift that conveys human values to the recipient. An engraved pen with the class name and school year adds value and meaning to the gift.


Group Uniform

Class shirts with the class name, school year, and meaningful messages are suitable gifts for class reunions. They strengthen the bond between everyone and remind them of their beloved community and school.

Group uniform

Memory Notebook

A memory notebook engraved with the class name, school name, and school year is a low-cost but significant gift. It becomes a companion in both life and work, allowing recipients to note down important things.

Memory notebook


A badge is a small but meaningful gift for class reunions. An engraved badge with the class name and school name becomes a cherished souvenir with great human value and meaning for classmates.


Traveling Together

Turning the class reunion into a trip together helps strengthen the bond among everyone and creates meaningful time to reminisce about the memories.

Traveling together

Memorable Photos

Memorable photos that remind classmates of their innocent school days are a meaningful and sophisticated gift. Looking at the photos and reminiscing about past memories warms up everyone’s affection.

Memorable photos

Gift Ideas to Express Gratitude to Teachers

Visiting teachers who have taught the class wholeheartedly is an important part of a class reunion. Here are some gift ideas to express gratitude to teachers:


A watch is a suitable and meaningful gift for teachers. It represents elegance and seriousness and helps them manage their time better in life.

Men's watch as a gift

Memorial Medal

A memorial medal is a gift with deep human values that pays tribute to teachers’ contributions in educating students.

Memorial medal


Flowers are a timeless gift. A bouquet of fresh flowers accompanied by sincere gratitude is a special gift from students to their teachers.


Memory Album

A class memory album preserves the beautiful memories of school days and shows sincere gratitude to teachers.

Memory album


Cosmetics are suitable and meaningful gifts for female teachers, showing care and making them feel happier and more beautiful.



Clothing is an excellent choice to show gratitude to teachers. You can give suits to male teachers and traditional Vietnamese dresses to female teachers, demonstrating sincere concern and sophistication.


Power Bank

A power bank is a practical gift for teachers who rely on their phones. It ensures they always have a lifeline when their phone’s battery runs out.

Power bank

This article has provided suggestions for the most suitable and meaningful gifts for class reunions. Choose the best gift to express your gratitude!