4 Common Mistakes Women Make When Washing Bed Sheets

Let's see if you are making any common mistakes when it comes to washing bed sheets.


Bed sheets can accumulate a lot of things that our naked eyes cannot see. They can be dead skin cells, dust mites, and bacteria. Therefore, experts always advise to wash bed sheets at least every 2 weeks. In fact, washing bed sheets weekly is even better.

Many people think that washing bed sheets is too simple, just put them in the washing machine, and that’s it. However, in reality, there are still some mistakes that we can easily make. What are those mistakes, let’s find out and fix them right away.

1. Overloading the washing machine

For convenience and time-saving, many people have a habit of putting all the blankets, sheets, and pillows into the washing machine at once. This can lead to the washing machine operating in an overloaded condition. At this time, your bed sheets may not be completely cleaned inside the machine.

Therefore, when you have too many blankets and sheets to wash, you can consider dividing them into smaller loads for better washing.

2. Incorrect washing mode for bed sheets

For washing machines that do not have a specific “bed sheet” mode, you can use the regular washing mode instead of the heavy-duty mode. When using the heavy-duty mode, the washing time will be longer and the chance of wrinkling the bed sheets will also increase. On the other hand, the regular washing mode can completely ensure the cleanliness of your bed sheets.

3. Too long drying time

One of the mistakes that many people make when cleaning bed sheets is setting the drying time too long. Although bed sheets often take more time to dry than clothes, setting the drying time too long can cause them to shrink and form more wrinkles after completion.

4. Drying bed sheets with other fabrics

To save electricity, many people have a habit of putting various items into the dryer together with the bed sheets. However, each fabric requires a different drying time. For example, when drying bed sheets with summer clothes, the time needed for bed sheets is longer than that for clothes. Conversely, with winter clothes, bed sheets require less time. As a result, the bed sheets can be overly dried or not completely dried.

The advice for you is to choose items with the same fabric to dry together with your bed sheets or dry them separately for the best result.

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Frequently asked questions

Bed sheets can accumulate dead skin cells, dust mites, and bacteria, which are not visible to the naked eye. Regular washing helps to remove these and maintain a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

1. Overloading the washing machine: Putting too many items in the washer can lead to ineffective cleaning of your bed sheets. It’s best to divide them into smaller loads.
2. Using the wrong washing mode: For machines without a specific “bed sheet” mode, use the regular washing mode instead of heavy-duty to avoid excessive washing and wrinkling.
3. Setting too long of a drying time: Longer drying times can cause bed sheets to shrink and become wrinkled.
4. Drying bed sheets with other fabrics: Different fabrics require varying drying times. It’s best to dry similar fabrics together or separately for optimal results.

Always refer to the care label on your bed sheets for specific instructions. When in doubt, use milder settings and adjust as needed. Divide large loads into smaller ones, and avoid mixing different fabrics when drying to ensure everything is cleaned and dried properly.
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