4 Reasons Users Can’t Quit Facebook

Science has proven that our lives would be better if we give up Facebook. However, despite people's efforts, most cannot do so, with the number of users increasing every day.


Science has proven that our lives will be improved if we give up Facebook. However, despite people’s attempts, most are unable to do so, and even the number of users continues to increase every day.

Many people have tried to quit Facebook but failed - Photo: AFPMany people have tried to quit Facebook but failed – Photo: AFP

Business Insider cites a post from Cornell Information Science, published in Social Media+ Society, explaining why we still connect to social media networks and what we need to do to break free from them.

Researchers have reviewed the survey data provided by 99daysoffreedom.com, a study on human emotions when “detached” from Facebook for 99 days. And the result is that many users could not resist the feeling of a like and logged back in before the 99-day deadline.

Below are 4 reasons that researchers have identified as why it makes it difficult for many people to resist Zuckerberg’s playground:

– They have no other social media platform to distract them: If you have a social media site for yourself, like MySpace, you’re less likely to go back to Facebook.

– They have “cognitive addiction”: If you find yourself addicted to Facebook, you will have this disease. With it, you will always tell yourself that you are living on Facebook.

– They are not in a good mood: Feeling bored, chances are you will log into Facebook, and frankly, it only makes the problem worse.

– They care about what others think of them: If Facebook is the main source for you to showcase your self-worth, you will face a lot of temptations. Why not find someone in real life to share your feelings with, like a friend, a lover, or even a pet?

Business Insider also concludes that people need to remember that they are the users of social media, a virtual environment that is not real.

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