4 reasons why your family refrigerator is always messy and expert tips to fix it

Here are the top 4 common reasons why families always have to deal with a messy and disorganized refrigerator.


A family refrigerator with or without a lid is not entirely related to its size, but mainly to the organization of the user. The reason why many families face the daily problem of a messy refrigerator is probably due to the following common reasons. Along with each reason, there will be ways to remedy that you can refer to and apply immediately to your family.

1. Having too many types of spices

To verify if this reason is correct, you can open the refrigerator and check immediately how many bottles of sauce, dipping sauce, and seasoning there are inside. The number that can be verified will be a surprising number for yourself. Having all kinds of bottles and jars placed randomly inside the refrigerator will of course make you feel that the refrigerator looks messy and disorganized.


Small shelves are what you need at this time. These shelves with compartments help you organize spices neatly.

If you don’t want to buy additional accessories, allocate a separate space to place all kinds of sauce bottles and spices. There is a small trick that you can apply when arranging them is to label the outside to divide the nature of the spices such as sweet, salty, and spicy. This method will help you control and quickly find the jars of spices when needed.

2. Accumulation of leftover food

Many families have the habit of putting leftover food in boxes and storing them inside the refrigerator. However, not all leftovers are always resolved in the shortest time. Many families forget the existence of food boxes inside the refrigerator. Day by day, the number of boxes in the refrigerator increases and causes the messy situation.


With leftover food stored in containers, especially airtight containers, you should use sticky notes on the outside with reminders including the name of the food and the expiration date. This way, you will have a plan to handle all the leftovers inside the refrigerator.

If you don’t want to label each box, you can also stick a note on the outside of the refrigerator with the contents including the food that needs to be used soonest.

3. Having too many items

There are always overloaded refrigerators in the kitchens of many families. Many women have the habit of buying and storing a lot of items inside the refrigerator. Therefore, the available storage space inside the refrigerator is not enough to meet the usage needs. Therefore, many women often stack, put things wherever they can, causing the family refrigerator to always be in a messy and disorganized state.


To overcome this situation, first, you need to determine what is currently being stored in the refrigerator. This is the first step for you to easily classify and store food into groups. This will also help you find the necessary items faster than before when searching like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Besides that, to double the storage space in the refrigerator, you can choose to add small divided shelves. By doing so, you will have more space to store and organize inside the tidy refrigerator.

4. Having a small child in the house

For families with young children, storing inside the refrigerator will also be completely different from the time when you haven’t had children yet. Many special foods for babies need to be stored in the refrigerator and they cause a mess inside.


Because baby food is often different from adults, it is best to dedicate a separate compartment for storing baby food. You should place them at the child’s reach so that the child can find them themselves when needed, such as getting milk or yogurt without the assistance of adults.

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