5 effective ways to cool down the room when there is no air conditioner: The number 2 way few people know!

5 simple ways to help you cool down the room on peak hot days, the second way is both effective and economical.


Vietnam is located in the tropical and subtropical monsoon climate, so in the summer, the temperature in some areas in our country often increases markedly. At the peak of the heat wave, the temperature can exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the feeling of heat is extremely uncomfortable.

Usually on these days, people often limit going out and stay in air-conditioned rooms to avoid the heat. However, not all families have the conditions to use the air conditioner, or have the conditions to use the air conditioner regularly because the electricity bill at the end of the month is often quite high. Therefore, learning some more tips to help our room "cool down" on hot sunny days is extremely necessary.

Accordingly, let's find out immediately 5 ways to cool down the room when there is no air conditioner right below.

5 cách hạ nhiệt phòng hiệu quả khi không có điều hoà: Cách số 2 ít người biết đến! - Ảnh 1.

    1. Limit sunlight and hot air into the room

One of the first ways to help cool down a room is to limit hot air and direct sunlight from entering the room. To do this, in the morning before going to work we should close the doors. In addition, use insulating materials such as wall stickers or thick curtains to cover areas subject to direct sunlight such as windows, doors leading to the balcony, etc.

In addition, note that you should use light-colored curtains with gentle tones, the use of such curtains both helps the room look more comfortable and helps the curtain increase the ability to reflect light and block outside heat.

    2. Make homemade “air conditioners” with water, salt and plastic bottles

The way to make "homemade air conditioner" is very simple, first we prepare 30g of salt and dissolve this salt with 200ml of water, then pour this salt water into a suitable plastic bottle and put it in the waiting cabinet. bronze.

5 cách hạ nhiệt phòng hiệu quả khi không có điều hoà: Cách số 2 ít người biết đến! - Ảnh 2.

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After the water has frozen, these water bottles can be put in a metal pot and placed in front of the fan about 15cm. The wind blowing from the fan will blow the cool water from the ice bottle all over the room, reducing the room temperature significantly.

According to research, mixing table salt into water will cause the freezing temperature of water to drop below 0 degrees Celsius. The lower the temperature, the colder the ice will be, and doing so also helps the melting time of the water. the rock will also slow down. Instead of using salt, we can also use sugar mixed with water, which also helps the ice melt more slowly.

5 cách hạ nhiệt phòng hiệu quả khi không có điều hoà: Cách số 2 ít người biết đến! - Ảnh 3.

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Depending on the space, it is possible to increase the number of iced water bottles to help the room cool down most effectively. Besides, when the water is dissolved, we can reuse it by continuing to put the bottle of salt water in the freezer or use salt water for different purposes.

This method is very simple but very effective, you can try it at home.

    3. Keep the room well ventilated

After sunset, we should open the door in the house and in front of the balcony, so that the air entering from one door and going out the other creates a flow of air to help the room more airy. In the case of only 1 window, you can put a fan to draw in air from the outside.

In addition, according to his father often said "a clean house is cool, a clean bowl is delicious", keeping the house clean, keeping the house neat and clean, removing excess objects also helps your room. You become more open, creating a much more comfortable feeling.

    4. Turn off unnecessary heat sources in the house

The fact that we have stopped using electronic devices but then still accidentally forgot to unplug the power cord is also one of the causes of heat generation in the room, moreover this is also a potential fire hazard. safe during this hot period. Therefore, we need to pay attention to disconnecting and unplugging electrical equipment when not needed.

5 cách hạ nhiệt phòng hiệu quả khi không có điều hoà: Cách số 2 ít người biết đến! - Ảnh 4.

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In addition, the use of incandescent light bulbs will often give off a significant amount of heat, so replace incandescent lamps with compact ones. The use of compact lights both helps us save electricity and prevent heat generation in the room.

    5. Plant trees around or on the roof

Trees are not only used to beautify the house, but also help purify the air and make our living space cooler on hot summer days. The reason is because some special plants, in the process of transpiration, trees lose water, this will cool the surrounding air. Green trees can be compared to a natural air conditioner, because it can shade the sun and cool the hot air.

Besides the 5 ways to help our room cool down when there is no air conditioner mentioned above, we should also pocket some body cooling solutions such as:

    Wear appropriate clothing

According to research by experts from the University of Oregon, fabrics made from 95% cotton or more are the most appropriate choice. Since this material will transfer less heat, the skin will be cooler to wear. Besides, linen is also one of the wise choices to help us feel more comfortable when it's hot.

    Keep your body cool

We can keep the body cool by drinking lots of water and avoiding eating too much hot spicy food. In addition, soaking your feet in cool water (just enough) or using a damp towel on your forehead also helps your body feel cooler and more comfortable. However, when doing these things, you should be careful, avoid using too cold water to affect your health.

5 cách hạ nhiệt phòng hiệu quả khi không có điều hoà: Cách số 2 ít người biết đến! - Ảnh 5.

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Above are some simple and effective ways to help cool down the room and cool the body that anyone can do.

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