5 Tips to Reduce Greasy Hair

Many people suffer from oily hair and have to wash their hair frequently because it feels unpleasant. Here are some tips to prevent oily hair, according to Cosmopolitan.


Many people have greasy hair and have to wash it frequently because it is uncomfortable. Here are things that help prevent greasy hair, according to Cosmopolitan.

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Brushing hair too often
Just like constantly touching your face, touching your hair too often also transfers oil from your hands to your hair, making it greasy.
Washing hair too often
Washing your hair every day can strip away the natural oils on your scalp. Therefore, your scalp will produce more oil than normal. Change your hair-washing habit to 2/3 times a week for less greasy hair.
Using too much hair conditioner
Be careful with hair conditioner. You may use too much hair conditioner or not rinse it thoroughly, which can make your hair greasier. Avoid applying conditioner all over your hair, only focus on the ends to avoid greasy hair.
Brushing hair too much
Brushing your hair too much can stimulate oil production. It can make your hair shiny and lustrous at a normal level, but brushing too much will make your hair look greasy.
Dirty hairbrush
Your hairbrush can contain dirt and trap dirt on your scalp, causing it to become clogged and produce more oil, resulting in greasy hair.

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