7 Easy Ways to Prolong the Life of Flowers

Have you ever wanted your flower vase to stay fresher and last longer? Now, with this simple trick involving sugar, lemon, and a household cleaner, you can keep your flowers looking beautiful for a few days more!


To extend the freshness of flowers without the need for a specialized flower shop or costly products, consider implementing the following seven techniques. These budget-friendly methods will enable you to preserve your flowers for a prolonged period.

1. Avoid consuming fruits

7 simple tips to keep flowers fresh - 1
Don’t place fruits like apples, bananas, or tomatoes near the flower vase. These types of fruits produce ethylene, a growth hormone that causes flowers to wither faster.

2. Incorporate sugar, lemon juice, and a household laundry detergent

7 simple tips to keep flowers fresh - 2
Simply mix lemon juice, sugar, and household detergent with water and pour it into the flower vase, and you have a “food” mixture for the flowers. Sugar provides nutrients, lemon juice helps the stems absorb water, and detergent acts as a disinfectant.

3. Apply hairspray

7 simple tips to keep flowers fresh - 3
Spraying a thin layer of hairspray on flowers can also help them stay fresh longer. Make sure to keep the hairspray bottle at a sufficient distance to avoid damaging the petals.

4. Avoid placing the flower vase near electrical appliances

7 simple tips to keep flowers fresh - 4
TVs, microwaves, and other electrical appliances emit heat. If you place flowers near these devices, the flowers will heat up and wither quickly.

Step 5: Use sharp scissors to cut the stems of the flowers.

7 simple tips to keep flowers fresh - 5
Sharp scissors create a “cleaner” cut, and the flower stems absorb water more easily. It’s also better to regularly cut the ends of the stems at an angle instead of cutting them straight to increase the water uptake area for the plant.
Step 6: Clean the vase with detergent
7 simple tips to keep flowers fresh - 6
Instead of immediately putting flowers in a vase that has been sitting in the cabinet, take the time to clean it first. Using detergent to wash the vase will help remove bacteria and keep the flowers fresh longer.

Rule #7: Do not use a cloth to dry the flower vase.

7 simple tips to keep flowers fresh - 7
Instead of drying the flower vase with a cloth, simply turn the vase upside down and let it air dry naturally. This will also help prevent bacteria from entering the inside of the vase.
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