8 Packing Tips to Ensure a Stress-Free Move

Two days prior to the scheduled move, it is imperative to empty the refrigerator, giving you ample time to thoroughly clean it and ensure it is completely dry before disconnecting the power source and preparing it for transportation.


1. Refrigerator

This video demonstrates an efficient way to move a refrigerator when relocating. It involves using a dolly, securing the fridge with straps, and carefully navigating through doorways.
Video: Efficiently Moving a Refrigerator

2. Clothing

Use a trash bag to collect hangers and clothes together. This method keeps your clothes organized and protected during the move.

This video showcases a clever way to pack your clothes for a move. By using a trash bag, you can easily transport your clothes while keeping them on their hangers.
Video: Packing Clothes Efficiently

3. Cardboard Boxes

This video offers a quick tip for sealing cardboard boxes securely. By using packaging tape along the center and edges of the box, you ensure that your belongings stay safe during transport.
Video: Securing Cardboard Boxes

5. Dishes and Glassware

Use wrapping paper or place foam plates between ceramic dishes to minimize the risk of breakage during the move.

This video provides a helpful tip for packing fragile dishes and glassware. By using wrapping paper and placing foam plates between each dish, you can create a protective layer to prevent breakage.
Video: Packing Fragile Dishes and Glassware

5. Cabinets and Furniture

Instead of disassembling cabinets, you can use plastic wrap to keep the doors and drawers in place. If you need to remove screws from furniture, use tape to keep them attached and avoid losing them.

This video offers a clever hack for moving cabinets and furniture. By using plastic wrap, you can keep the doors and drawers in place, making it easier to transport these bulky items.
Video: Moving Cabinets and Furniture Efficiently

6. Smart Moving Straps for Bulky Items

This video introduces a smart moving strap system that makes relocating bulky items safer and more manageable. By using these straps, you can easily lift and maneuver heavy objects with the help of a partner.
Video: Smart Moving Straps for Bulky Items

7. Use Plastic Wrap to Prevent Leaks

This video offers a simple yet effective tip to prevent leaks when moving liquid products. By placing a layer of plastic wrap under the lid and then screwing it on tightly, you can avoid messy spills during transport.
Video: Preventing Leaks During a Move

8. Take Photos of Your Furniture and Appliances

Before disassembling or moving furniture, such as a sofa, take photos to remember how it was put together. This will make reassembling it in your new home much easier. Additionally, take photos of how your electronics are connected to make setting them up in your new place a breeze.

This video emphasizes the importance of taking photos before disassembling furniture, such as a sofa. By doing so, you’ll have a visual reference for how to put it back together in your new home, making the process quicker and less frustrating.
Video: The Importance of Taking Photos Before Disassembling Furniture

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