8 Ways to Keep Your Family Kitchen Organized and Tidy

While everyone has spices in their home, not everyone knows how to store them in the most convenient and tidy way for their family kitchen.


Although often small in size, with a diverse range of quantities, spice jars always take up a considerable amount of space inside a family kitchen. Along with that, the inability to organize and arrange spices in a scientific way during use is the main factor that creates a cluttered feeling for the kitchen.

What you need to know at this time is how to store all those spices neatly and conveniently when using them. Fortunately, you can refer to the information below to learn more about ways to organize spices in your family kitchen.

1. Storing spices in drawers

Arranging all your spice jars inside a drawer will make the kitchen surface look neat and tidy. Especially, this method also helps them avoid dust sticking compared to placing them on the usual countertop.

When choosing to store this way, you may need some accessories to divide the drawer into multiple storage areas. Besides, you can also label each spice jar if you’re concerned about limited visibility when storing in the kitchen cabinet drawer.

2. Storing spices in plastic containers

Why plastic containers? Because they allow you to easily identify what type of spice is inside it.

Arranging plastic containers holding spices next to each other also creates a visually appealing effect, especially when you use them in a synchronized manner with the same type of container.

3. Storing spices under the kitchen cabinet

This is an innovative and fresh storage trend that you can refer to for your family kitchen today. To do this, you need to install a metal bar under the kitchen cabinet and magnetize the lids of the spice jars to it.

Not only suitable for users’ eyes, this smart storage method also helps you fully exploit the kitchen space and use it for storage purposes.

4. Storing spices with small wall-mounted shelves

You can easily find small wall-mounted shelves used to store spices in the kitchen. The number of storage shelves you use depends on the amount of spices in your family’s kitchen.

This is considered a convenient and low-cost storage method, suitable for every family kitchen.

5. Storing spices with pegboards

Similar to using shelves for storage, the difference is that pegboards are more beautiful and attractive. At the same time, when using pegboards, you can adjust the racks flexibly during use.

6. Storing spices with rotating trays

If you have never tried, you will not know how well these cute little rotating trays can store spices. From a 1-tier rotating tray design to a 3-tier one, you can choose according to your family’s needs.

7. Storing spices behind cabinet doors

If your kitchen cabinet has a suitable design, just install an additional shelf and you’ll have a convenient storage space in the kitchen. Especially, this storage method hides the spice jars, giving the kitchen a surprisingly spacious, tidy appearance.

8. Storing spices with mobile shelves

In recent years, mobile storage shelves have been favored by housewives. Its advantage is that it can be easily moved according to your wishes without any effort.

The design of these shelves is also quite compact, but the space it provides is not small at all. If you are looking for a spice storage solution in the kitchen, this is a suggestion you cannot ignore.

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