Adding this step, Dien pomelo leaves for 2-3 months without spoiling, the color turns golden even when it's hot or humid

If you want to keep it for 2-3 months, you should choose the fruit with a knob on the stem. Therefore, it is difficult for bacteria to penetrate, limiting rotten and sour fruits.



Seeing Dien pomelo is seeing Tet!

The coming Tet is also the time when pomelo gardeners harvest sunny fruits. Dien pomelo is a grapefruit variety of the North, with a sweet, cool, and rich taste.

In the North, on the five-fruit tray on New Year's Day, pomelos are indispensable. Previously, Dien pomelo was a specialized fruit brought to the king, so it represented nobility and nobility.

In the South, it is famous for its green-skinned and five-rod pomelo varieties, but many people still love and buy Dien pomelo to wear during Tet. "I'm in Saigon, my house has green-skinned pomelo. But my family plays Dien pomelo because it's unique, no one has it. It's very fragrant, so I don't need to inhale essential oil. But this grapefruit is bright yellow, very eye-catching, According to me, Tet must be like that.", Ho Bich Tram shared about her hobby of Dien pomelo on Tet.

Dien pomelo is better for a long time, but in the hot and sunny southern climate, Ms. Tram has also found a way to preserve and keep Dien pomelo fresh for a long time.


Choose the fruit without the knob to eat first, to avoid damage

1. Choose grapefruit:

There are 2 types of Dien pomelo. The first type for worshiping, the fruit is very large, beautiful, with branches and leaves. But eating is dry, pale, not sweet. As for the other 2, the fruit is small, bad, but very delicious.

Ms. Tram usually chooses type 2, about 6 ounces – 1kg of fruit. Holding the fruit, it feels heavy inside, it is succulent inside, not dry.


Wiping grapefruit with wine will turn up a beautiful yellow color

To make sure that the pomelo is succulent and sweet, Tram often checks with the place of purchase: "How old is this grapefruit from the tree?". Because the older the tree is, about 11 years old or older, 95% of the fruit is sweet, rich, and not dry.

If you want to keep it for 2-3 months, you should choose the fruit with a knob on the stem. Therefore, it is difficult for bacteria to penetrate, limiting rotten and sour fruits.


Lime I bought at the betel nut shop

2. Grapefruit preservation:

Buy pomelo, wash and dry (especially the stem, if it gets wet for a few days, it will rot immediately).

After wiping, take a towel, soak a little alcohol, wipe around the grapefruit. This way the garden is only for Ms. Tram. After 3-4 days of wiping, the pomelo will be darker yellow than usual, very beautiful.


Apply lime to the knob

Take the lime I dotted on the fruit stalk. This step is to disinfect, as well as prevent bacteria from entering the grapefruit. Lime I should go to the betel nut shop to buy.

If you want the grapefruit peel to stay fresh for a long time, without wilting, use a damp cloth to wipe the grapefruit peel (avoid the stem). Once every 2-3 days. This way will provide water for the fruit, the skin will be wrinkled for a long time.


Tram's "heritage" of Dien pomelo

The last one is extremely important. The sisters have to check regularly if any fruit is rotten, squishy, etc. must be removed immediately. If left, bud rot will spread to other fruits. It is the original batch of grapefruit.

3. How to peel Dien pomelo without being crushed


Peeled Dien grapefruit is not broken

After peeling the grapefruit carefully, divide 3.4 pieces for 1 cup. Then, peel off the peel of the grapefruit on both sides, use the sharp knife to squeeze the spine of the grapefruit, gently flip it up and you're done.

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