Affordable Home Refresh Ideas

If you're not looking to break the bank, here are some tips for sprucing up your home without needing to increase your budget for furniture and decorations.


1. Rearrange your furniture

Give your space a fresh feel by swapping the placement of your existing furniture. Move chairs, benches, or other accent pieces from different rooms. You can use an extra chair as a nightstand or place a couch from your entryway at the end of your bed. Simply changing the layout or swapping out items can breathe new life into your space.

2. Reposition your artwork

Consider hanging that framed painting from your hallway in your bedroom to bring a breath of fresh air and complete the space. Artwork can have a profound impact on the atmosphere of a room, and using a different piece can help refresh your space. You can also try using rugs to add color and innovation to your room.

3. Incorporate flowers and plants

An affordable way to refresh your home is by decorating with flowers and plants from your garden. Take a stroll around your neighborhood, gather some greenery or fragrant flowers, and place them in your favorite vases to add life to your space. Even small items like pine cones can be used to freshen up your space if creatively decorated.

4. Reuse and repurpose

Before throwing away old items, consider if they can be given a second life and serve a new purpose. That pretty tin cookie jar, for example, can be transformed into a beautiful flower arrangement.

5. Utilize leftover materials

If you’ve invested in materials to create paintings or other items, make the most of them by finding new uses for the leftovers. Use leftover paint for a small project, such as painting a planter or an accent wall, to give them a fresh new look.

6. Redecorate your shelves and coffee table

Rearranging the items on your shelves and coffee table is an excellent way to give them a new look without breaking the bank. The same accents can have a completely different effect when placed in new locations. Experimenting with different arrangements can help you minimize clutter and unleash your creativity. Consider swapping out books and decorations on your coffee table to keep things fresh and interesting.

7. Swap out throw pillows and blankets

This simple yet effective method allows you to bring something new into your space. You can change your throw pillows and blankets seasonally or swap them between rooms. By regularly switching them up, you’ll have a wider range of combinations to refresh your home.

8. Fluff your pillows

Taking just 15 to 20 minutes per week to flatten your pillowcases can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your room. Walking into a room with neatly folded and flattened pillows will make you feel refreshed and as if everything has just been purchased from a store. Take some time over the weekend to tend to your pillows.

9. Simplify your space

Clear out old magazines from your bookshelves, review your wall decorations, and declutter your piles of papers. Get rid of things that you no longer use. Keeping your home clean and fresh means letting go of unnecessary items.

10. Take advantage of others’ unwanted decorations

The items your neighbors discard may be just what you need for your home. Consider exchanging items with them. Reusing old decorative pieces not only helps you save money, but it can also add a unique touch to your home.

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