Are non-stick rice cookers harmful?

Many people wonder whether they should replace their electric rice cooker when the non-stick coating has started to peel, and if it is safe to continue using it.


Rice cooker used for a long time often has peeling non-stick coating but the machine still works well. In that case, many people are very concerned about whether to continue using it and if it is still safe. The answer from experts is yes.

The harmful effects of peeling non-stick coating in rice cooker

Currently, all electric rice cookers use Teflon non-stick coating. Normally, this substance is decomposed at temperatures from 300 – 400 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the rice cooker never exceeds 250 degrees Celsius.

According to the research of scientists, Teflon is considered a difficult substance to absorb, if it enters the human body, it will be excreted by the body. Therefore, you can rest assured that even if you accidentally consume some of the non-stick coating of the rice cooker, they will be eliminated from the body through digestion, without accumulating.

What are the harmful effects of peeling non-stick coating in rice cooker?

However, that does not mean that the condition of the rice cooker with peeling non-stick coating is not harmful. The toxic part is the glue layer that attaches the Teflon to the aluminum pot. This material is easily degraded when exposed to high temperatures, which in the long run will create harmful substances for the human body when heated. If you regularly use a rice cooker with peeling non-stick coating, the glue layer will enter the body along with the food, affecting the health of the users.

Should the peeling non-stick coating of the rice cooker be replaced?

If your home electric rice cooker is a reputable and good quality kitchen utility, and the pot is lightly scratched, you don’t need to worry. In that case, all you need to do is re-coat the non-stick coating for the rice cooker and continue using it.

To avoid the harmful effects of peeling non-stick coating in the rice cooker, if the rice cooker pot is too damaged that the cooked rice sticks to the pot, causing burning or difficulties in cleaning and sanitation, you should consider buying a new, genuine, and good quality rice cooker to replace it.

How to preserve the non-stick coating of the rice cooker

The non-stick coating layer of the rice cooker is a very important component because it directly contacts the rice. Therefore, you need to pay attention to preservation to prolong the life of the rice cooker and have delicious and safe meals.

If it is a reputable electric rice cooker, the non-stick coating is difficult to scratch during cooking and cleaning. But when you use metal utensils with sharp edges to clean or use metal spoons to scoop rice, peeling of the non-stick coating will naturally occur.

Therefore, to optimize the preservation of the rice cooker, you should choose plastic or wooden spoons when scooping rice to avoid affecting the non-stick coating. Electric rice cookers are coated with a non-stick layer inside, so cleaning is also very convenient, just use a soft cloth soaked in dishwashing liquid to completely clean the pot.

Sharing the experience of choosing an electric rice cooker also indicates that you should pay attention to the non-stick coating of the pot by carefully checking if there are any scratches, if so, you should choose another product because just a small scratch will cause the non-stick coating of the rice cooker to peel quickly.

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