Ginger is a common spice in cooking. People often use ginger to eliminate fishy smells and add warmth to everyday dishes. Additionally, ginger can be used to make tea, jams…

In addition to its culinary uses, ginger also brings many other benefits to our lives. For example, placing ginger at the head of the bed before going to sleep can help you solve many problems.

Air purification

One of the outstanding characteristics of ginger is its ability to kill bacteria and purify the air. Just place a few slices of ginger at the head of the bed, and you will feel that the room becomes fresher and more pleasantly scented.

The spicy smell of ginger helps create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, relieving stress and worries.

Placing ginger at the head of the bed will be effective for those who are experiencing stress, fatigue, or during cold days.

Improves sleep

The aroma of ginger has a nourishing and calming effect, effectively stimulating sleep.

Simply take about 15 grams of fresh ginger, chop it small, wrap it in a cloth or put it in a fabric bag, and place it next to the pillow. The ginger scent will spread, helping to clear the nasal passages, creating a relaxing feeling, and helping you fall asleep faster.

Additionally, before bed, you can soak your feet in ginger water to reduce fatigue, warm up the body, and promote relaxation. Adding a bit of salt to the foot bath also helps provide comprehensive care, increase antiseptic ability, and treat skin problems.

Soaking your feet in ginger water is also beneficial for those suffering from bone aches, joint inflammation…

Other ginger tips

Mix ginger with aromatic oil

You can finely chop ginger and mix it with aromatic oil. Put this mixture in a small bag and hang it in the bathroom. The scent of ginger and aromatic oil will help eliminate odors and mildew in the bathroom. Moreover, it also helps repel insects.

You can also put the ginger and aromatic oil bag in the closet, shoe rack to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Mix ginger with toothpaste

Cut ginger into small pieces and mix with a little toothpaste. Add a little warm water and stir well.

Wrap the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and poke a few holes in it with a toothpick so that the aroma can escape. Place this bowl of water in the refrigerator to eliminate odors.

You can also strain the ginger water and mix it with toothpaste, then dilute it with warm water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it in places like trash cans to repel insects and eliminate odors.

Ginger water and toothpaste can also be used to clean the kitchen instead of other types of detergents. It ensures that oil stains will be quickly washed away.

Source: Xe và Thể Thao (translated)